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Do New Year’s Resolutions just make you tired?

We are used to the process.  We survive the expensive, crazy, busy Christmas period and then before we’ve even had a minute to think about how on earth we are going to pay those credit cards back in January we are thrust into endless posts about how we are going to revolutionise our minds, businesses, careers and health in the next 12 months.

We know the drill.  These days we are supposed to find a word that describes our yearly objectives and, joy of all joys, you can even have it personalised on a necklace of your choice.  I can just see how a necklace with the words ‘lose weight’ would be a fantastic accessory.  We’d be immediate fashion icons.

It’s winter, it’s cold, we’ve worked hard and most us haven’t had a break for months.  Christmas is quite clearly NOT a break.  The more sensible amongst the animal species are hibernating, taking it easy – chilling out until the sun, with added warmth, comes out. 

Not us – we are required to hustle and decide how we are going to make six figures, climb Everest or squeeze into the jeans we’ve been holding onto since we were 16 – just in case. 

Not for the fainthearted

We hate it – yet we all fall into line, refusing to be the person who says ‘I’m a little tired, I’ve still got the Christmas decorations up – can I just take a little time to think about it?’

Statistics tell us that by now, the third week in January, most of us will have already broken our New Year’s resolutions.  So, do they really work?  Are they really a good idea?  Does business success really require us to double the profit in our businesses, while balancing relationships and households and to squeeze into a leotard and ride an exercise bike live with trainers online watching our every failure? 

I hope not.  I’ve come to realise this year that I wouldn’t mind being a bit fitter, a bit more productive and earn more money in my business.  I’m guessing most of us wouldn’t mind it either but is that really the way to make it happen?  Is setting a load of completely unrealistic goals going to make us ‘do better, be better, be fitter’? 

Or is simply going to make us feel rubbish when we realise that we’ve missed the gym three times already this week and the year has barely started; we’ve eaten the chocolate left over from Christmas because we know where our special hiding places are and we still haven’t answered the 386 emails we were supposed to catch up on over Christmas? 

I spent the first 30 years of my life in Australia and this is when they have their ‘big holidays’ on that side of the world.  I get it and in the middle of the year I love the idea that we can break it up by escaping to a Cretan beach where Adonis and his cousins bring us fresh fish grilled on a BBQ and fancy cocktails, but do we need a break at this time of the year when its cold and we are tired?   Do we really need to be berating ourselves for failing on our unrealistic goals by week 3 of the new year or is what we really need some time out?

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