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Would you like me to connect you?

Would you like me to connect you freedom 다운로드?

is something you may have heard me say…

I’m delighted to frequently see synergy between people I meet and those in my “Connector’s” book Freedom. That’s what I do, I connect people. It’s amazing and rewarding for everyone involved, including me.

Since launching 1230 The Women’s Company in 2002, and even before that, I’ve been privileged to meet some fascinating, inspiring, awesome people 워너원 12번째 별. And in turn, I’ve been able to make connections for them.

So how do I make these connections? Well, in conversation, listening and learning about them and their business, I’m often able to see opportunities where they could possibly work/collaborate with someone I know, but they don’t 줌비니. I share this information, telling them about my connection, asking if they agree that a conversation could be interesting and if they too feel there could be synergy Download Windows 7 Screensaver. On a positive response I then make an email connection.

So what is an email connection?

An email connection connects/introduces both parties to each other – I send 1 email to both, the email contains a link to each person’s website/Facebook or LinkedIn account so that each person has a little more background information on the other before making their own connection Aritaum Magazine.

I know that I have my contact’s permission to do this – they trust me to make connections for them.

I never make random connections

After all, I work in the world of networking, a world made on building strong, trusting relationships 알파스캔 드라이버.

I have lived and worked in north London or the south coast all my life so when I moved to Beckenham in south London 18 months ago, I was feeling a little isolated.  That changed when I attended a public speaking event and upon hearing I was based in Beckenham, someone kindly made me an introduction to Jackie Groundsell, on the premise that Jackie in turn would make some helpful intros for me. 

I was not disappointed 스마트 아트. Firstly, I enjoyed meeting Jackie, she is such a positive, supportive and warm person.  Secondly, from our first coffee together she was full of ideas and immediately began making all kinds of appropriate introductions for me to help along my post retirement career as a speaker, lecturer and adviser to other ‘for and not for’ profits Download naver music video. Birds on the Blog is yet another of her wonderful initiatives and I’m sure will continue to be the ‘go to’ meeting place for professional women along with 1230 The Women’s Company.  

Gillian Walnes Perry MBE
Speaker, lecturer, educator, author and thought leader
Co-founder and Honorary Vice President Anne Frank Trust UK

What next Download the dvd?

It’s down to the person I meet to step up and respond to the email, usually suggesting a phone conversation or a meet with my contact. Sometimes of course either could decide to pick up the phone as the first step!

Sometimes, rarely, I hear that nothing has happened. Which is disappointing as the contact appeared keen. Maybe they’re unwell, or, technology being what it is, maybe they didn’t receive the email, so I might make contact to check and usually there is a sound reason for the delay in responding.

Mostly, I’m delighted to say, these connections are successful – the connections meet; there maybe collaboration on the horizon, they may decide that just knowing about each other is enough. They go on and make their own connections and so they and their business grow.

What’s been your most successful connection?

Would you like me to make a connection for you?  It would be my greatest pleasure.

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