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The Benefits of Using Business Card Templates

Anyone can open up graphics editing software and whip out a business card, though we wouldn’t recommend this. Instead, we’d suggest using templates to create a business card. What are the benefits of using a template to make your next business card?

Enhanced Readability

Business cards templates have built in rulers and boundaries that ensure the readability of your business card. You can’t end up with text too small to be read or so large it runs off the edge of the card. They also tend to have rulers to prevent your text from extending to the “danger zone” of the business card, the area most prone to damage by regular handling. Most business card makers will limit the text on the business card to universally recognized fonts, though conflicts can occur. This means you want to stick with easily read, commonly available fonts. Be careful of fonts in taglines and logos, because those may not be readable if you import the logo into a business card template and make the image too small.

Built-In Proofing

A business card template won’t know if you typed in the wrong phone number, but it will make it obvious if you have one too many or too few digits. It doesn’t know if you put the wrong address in the template, but it will remind you of the fact you left the address off the business card. Templates almost always have spell-check and grammar check built into the template. This may trip up on an unusual personal or business name, but it will flag misspelled product and service names. Many business card templates will flag poor quality images so that you don’t print something off that’s too pixelated. It may warn you if the image will run off the edge of the card or interferes with the text.

Faster Business Card Creation

Business card templates speed up the creation of a business card. At a minimum, you simply type in your name, address, phone number and website URL and you’re done. You can import your logo or drop your photo into the business card, and you’re ready to print. You can save the business card file for later use. If you decide to change the logo, product listing or other information, it is only a matter of making those changes instead of reinventing the wheel. This has the side benefit of maintaining your branding as you change phone numbers, product listings or other business information.

Simpler Graphic Design

A fair number of business card makers provide a library of relevant images you can insert in the business card. Whether it is wedding cakes or dogs being walked, this allows you to find images to put in the business card that won’t result in a fight over intellectual property later. Nor do you have to work with graphic design software to create a stylized image that captures the essence of your business that happens to fit on the business card.

A side benefit of business card creators is that they can often convert the file to whatever format the printer prefers. Now you don’t lose the color palette you carefully selected because the printer uses RGB versus a different color scheme.

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