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Welcome to Birds on the Blog, where successful women are a cause for celebration, not insecurity

Its origin (for those of you who like to know that sort of thing)…
This blog came about through conversation that took place back in the summer of 2008: Women chatting whilst working and not talking about kids, cooking or cosmetics but business.

sarah arrowSarah Arrow was already a prolific blogger (G+ profile), building a loyal following first as an individual and then successfully raising the profile of her business without ramming sales pitches down her audience’s throat. Yet it was pointed out that she was in the minority of non-techie women who’d not only identified but proven the potential of blogging in business terms.

The challenge
To provide a showcase for women in business to entertain, inform and engage visitors. A place where people could read about what interests them, interact with the authors by adding comments and have occasional opportunities to contribute their own posts as guest bloggers.

Sarah also wanted Birds to challenge a whole lot of stereotypes, not just ‘mommy bloggers’ and already had a fairly clear idea of some women she’d immediately want ‘on board’ – so she got busy on Facebook inviting them to join the ‘Birds’.

Making it happen
Sarah recruited from her friends the first Birds, and they recommended their friends, and community quickly sprang up.  Over time the Birds change, but the core values remain the same – this is a site that stands for:






Birds on the Blog has won international recognition from sites like Forbes, the Daily Mail, Elle Magazine and is recognised as a top business blog. MSN recommend the site as a top website for women (like Forbes), as well as many other places showcasing the site as the gold standard for women in business.

Why Birds?

We are taking the word back: No longer is ‘bird’ a patronising way to describe a woman. It describes us women bloggers, sisters and business women; sharing and building relationships and growing our business. The chances are you came to read this blog via another social media platform – such as Twitter or Facebook and we hope you’ll leave having shared some of our content that has made you smile, laugh or inspired you some way.

What’s in the pipeline?
With a truly diverse wealth of experience amongst our  columnists, alone, at our disposal – over 700 years’ worth at a (very) conservative estimate – let alone our guest contributors, this website is unique. It’s fast developing to provide the easy-read style of online magazine with potential access to the depth and breadth of a reference library! Our up-coming business community that will help women network and share information that will support them in their business.

How can you get involved?

We want to retain the diversity and at the same time feature more of what you tell us you like and want more of. So here are some easy ways you can be involved:

  • Leave your comments on the blogs/ articles you read
  • Subscribe to read by email
  • Return regularly and bring your friends, too – we’re posting new actionable content 2 or 3 times a day

We value your privacy, our privacy policy is here.

Contact Sarah on sarah@birdsontheblog.co.uk  if you

  • Are interested in blogging for “Birds on the Blog”
  • Or for sponsorship and advertising
  • Reviews: The Birds are happy to review products, but cannot promise they will be so enamoured they will write a glowing blog post, they value honesty and integrity, so if you value this too then let’s talk.
  • Before you contact me to ask us to promote anything, read this post here about win/win/win if you don’t I will just respond to your emails with a link to this page, as what you may need promoting by bloggers needs to benefit their community, and not just you. Email me when you get it.