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Welcome to Birds-1230 TWC

Jackie Groundsell started the longest running women's lunchtime business network  in 2002 to help women grow their businesses. In 2017 she "merged" the Birds on the Blog with 1230 TWC to help even more women in business.

Motivating Women in Business!

Why Birds-1230 TWC

The Online Business Magazine for Women With Networking Lunches


Whether you're starting a business or a career, Birds-1230 TWC will help you grow, as well as staying motivated through the tougher times


Daily content updates to help you get the business & career results that you need. The Birds philosophy is to share the voice of ALL women.


Ready to connect with other female entrepreneurs? Join us for lunch. Each week there's a lunch meeting that supports your aspirations

Plan your next 30 days in Business...

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Award-winning blog for Women in Business

Content created by women, for women.

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Elevating Women

Birds on the Blog has always been about smashing the stereotypes around women, women in business and speaking out at injustices to women, no matter where they are in the world.

Based in London, the city of Innovation, Arts and Fine Dining, Birds empowers women to connect and elevate each other - both online and offline - locally and internationally.


Women's Networking Lunch-time meetings

Some people don't like women exclusive events. Birds 1230-TWC welcomes men to speak at events, but there are no male members. When women network there's a different energy. We focus on supporting women and maintaining that dynamic. Our lunch-time meetings are at London's (and around) finest restaurants - Because you deserve it! 


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