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Changing Your Script and Letting Toxic People Go

Is it me, or is there something in the air? Just recently, I have felt an upsurge in toxic people around. But, of course, that should not be a surprise given the times we find ourselves in. People are

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If you are not familiar with this increasingly popular trend, crowdfunding is widely described as a group of people donating, lending or investing towards a cause via the internet. Crowdfunding is

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How much of yourself do you put into your brand?

As someone who’s been trained on brand development, has sat through Edward de Bono workshops and has helped other companies develop their brands, it’s taken me a long time to work out where I end and

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Sometimes Sometimes all we need is a spark of inspiration to get us moving in the right direction. Sometimes that inspiration comes from the unlikeliest of places. I recently started swimming. The pool

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What Does Career Really Mean in the 21st Century

I believe it is vital that we reappraise the meaning of Career. Our beliefs around career become an internal benchmark that we use to judge ourselves and make comparisons with those around us.  It shapes

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THE PRESSURED LIFE – This is my story. Is it yours too?

It’s time to release your anxiety, burnout, fear, limiting beliefs & struggles. To bring into your life prioritization, contentment, opportunities, confidence & growth I know. I’ve been in

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Are we equipped to support staff, colleagues and peers who are dealing with loss and grief?

In workplace settings across the world, each and every day there are members of staff balancing work whilst navigating their way through an experience of loss and grief. Let’s think about what’s

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