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What is the new normal?

  Happy days! Most of us work for ourselves so our ‘new normal’ gets to be decided by us! We’ve heard a lot of complaining and frustrated wishes to get back to normal. Let’s face it a global

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We all love the idea of sneaking a peek into someone else’s diary in the hope that we will discover some juicy bits that we had no other way of knowing. Go on admit it if you had the opportunity to delve

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8 Great Reasons to Start with Email Marketing

Hands-up if you think email marketing is no longer relevant? That marketing by social media is better? This isn’t necessarily true and here’s why: Ownership of Audience – you have ownership

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Taking the Pressure off your HR Team in 2021

The reality is that your HR team works hard. Anything that you can do to take the pressure away from the team as much as possible will be much appreciated by your HR team members most assuredly. Therefore,

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Menopause: The final frontier

saving lives, changing the world, one menopause at a time By admin I’ve been researching and writing about menopause for around 5 years. When you first dip your toe in the menopause ocean

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How to Achieve Inbox Zero

Perhaps surprisingly, zero isn’t the number of emails in your inbox, but rather the time it takes to use your inbox! Productivity expert Merlin Mann coined the phrase Inbox Zero, but trying

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To work from home or not to work from home – that is the question…

What a crazy 15 months we have had It’s hard to believe that in our lifetimes we have experienced a pandemic of this magnitude.  I was told by a medical researcher in 2004 that this was long

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