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What is the new normal?

  Happy days! Most of us work for ourselves so our ‘new normal’ gets to be decided by us! We’ve heard a lot of complaining and frustrated wishes to get back to normal. Let’s face it a global

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To work from home or not to work from home – that is the question…

What a crazy 15 months we have had It’s hard to believe that in our lifetimes we have experienced a pandemic of this magnitude.  I was told by a medical researcher in 2004 that this was long

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Our Zooming Bloopers…a sign of the times

In March 2017 we laughed out loud at Professor Robert Kelly’s predicament as he tried in vain to conduct an interview about the impeachment of President Park with the BBC.  His little girl decided

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Do New Year’s Resolutions just make you tired?

We are used to the process.  We survive the expensive, crazy, busy Christmas period and then before we’ve even had a minute to think about how on earth we are going to pay those credit cards back

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The personal touch…

Building and running a business is hard work.  Most businesswomen are busy.  Let’s face it – people are busy. I’ve done a lot of challenging jobs in my time.  Working full-time as a political

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Why taking time for fun is important for our business?

 When I grew up working hard was ‘morally good’.  As we worked ourselves into the ground, missing time with friends, family, leisure, fun and health – we were cheered on.  As we get

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Are you a cheerleader or not?

I’m a feminist Why?  My answer is why isn’t everyone.  Feminism means equality – for everyone!  Women, men, children, of every colour, creed, ethnicity, sexual orientation, body capacity

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