picasso quote procrastination

Every day it seems there is a passing parade of memes and status updates on social media expressing a view or admission of procrastination and what might be regarded as almost addictive quality of Not Getting Stuff Done in a timely manner. Almost like a badge of honour we see the same old joke … [Read more...]

Panda promotes quality content, as you would expect

Panda affects quality content

Another Panda has been released. Of course I am referring to the Google algorithm which affects how content is indexed on the web. And anybody who knows what this means will probably be quaking in their boots. But if they write quality content that is meaningful, relevant and links to highly … [Read more...]

Beauty Box Bonanza!

This week, I'd like to talk a little bit about beauty boxes. I've always wanted to try them, as I've been watching loads of beauty YouTubers for years, as well as reading various beauty blogs, and they've always looked amazing to me. I am a typical beauty junkie - I buy loads of different beauty … [Read more...]

‘It Sounds Like A Case of Multiple Niche Disorder.’

Sounds like a case of Multiple Niche Disorder

Sitting in my pjs writing this.  That's what I especially love about my FREEDOM business model.  Anytime, any place, anywhere ... (and looking any how!) The creative flow strikes and all you need to do is power up your trusty laptop to share your good stuff with thousands of your 'perfect … [Read more...]