Why Your Friends Are Happy When You Fail

Fall over in mud

Have you ever heard about a colleague’s misfortune, only to feel a little bit pleased that things didn’t go quite as planned? Image courtesy of Duncan Hull What about when your friend’s date went horribly wrong? Were you secretly smiling inside? Don’t panic! You’re not a bad … [Read more...]

Who is responsible for the gender gap?

photo credit: John E. Parker via photopin cc

The Guardian caught my eye the other morning as headlines often do. Seems the UK is falling behind and widening the gender gap. (source: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/oct/27/uk-gender-gap-equality-world-economic-forum-report?CMP=fb_gu) The younger me would be up in arms by now, blaming … [Read more...]

Give great value

Lead generation funnel

To build an audience of raving fans you need to give great value - and keep on giving it!  How can you do this? On your website You've probably heard of the lead generation funnel.  The idea is to get lots of people who are interested in what you do to connect with you and the funnel looks … [Read more...]

Are you on Your Path?

Janice B Gordon What is Stopping You

Are you dreaming somebody else's dreams? The reason I ask you these questions is that it is our nature ‘to ‘please’. This can lead us to follow a path that is not right for us or which gets us on a path, not of our conscious choosing. It is great when we please others but not at the expense of … [Read more...]

10 Symptoms of Multiple Niche Disorder


Did you know that one of the biggest blocks to success is confusion? Entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants or however you categorise yourself tend to have a lot of confusion around their niche. I see people jumping around from one niche to another with no real plan or understanding of the … [Read more...]