4 changes you could make to your business blog that would turn it into a much better read

Changes in business blog writing

Gird your loins, you're in for a bumpy ride! You're going to have to totally turn your blogging mindset onto its head. I'm going to suggest you should think like a hobby blogger when writing your business blog, especially all that freedom of writing any old stuff that they do. Talk to your … [Read more...]

Reduce Stress & Feel Happier. Stop Being Right

being right image

It’s a fact. Life is full of stress. As much as we can,  we need to make it the Good kind. The kind that gives us a rush of adrenaline and a sense of satisfaction at achieving what we set out to do. Running a business takes high levels of energy and often means accommodating high levels of … [Read more...]

Change Is Good!

Recently, I've felt myself getting more and more nostalgic about the way I used to look in my teens, and missing quite a few things about how I used to be, so I've slowly been introducing small things back into my life. A good example of this is the fact I've pretty much given up on having a … [Read more...]