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The book that changed my life – The Invitation
Like you I have read many books and have many that have had an impact. Choosing one book is tough,[...]
The Book That Changed My Life
The Book That Changed My Life Which one book had a major impact on your life? That’s one of the[...]
Jacqui Malpass – transformation & book writing coach
When I was growing up, I lived in a land of make-believe, where stories and people fascinated me. First off[...]
Curation: why less is more
Curation is a business model, claims Michael Bhaskar, founder of digital publisher Canelo, former colleague of mine at Macmillan, and[...]
Sarah Arrow – Visibility Strategist
I wanted to be an astronaut when I grew up. I wanted to touch the stars and float in space.[...]
Avil Beckford – Reading Challenge
Interviewer, Storyteller, Blogger, Founder – Extreme Reading Challenge Most young girls have ideas of what they want to be when[...]
Annabel Kaye – Outsourcing support
My childhood was spent fighting with the local kids on the block and reading.  I read everything I could get[...]
A story of politics from Brazil to the UK
When I was 5 and my brother 5 my mum took us the streets to protest about politics and the[...]
Why I didn’t go into politics: to save myself from jail
7 June 1977 – just imagine the scene. I lived with my family in a cul-de-sac on a large housing[...]

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