Heatwave and Hangouts!

Recently, while the weather has been so nice, I've actually been out and about quite a bit, whether it's making plans with friends or going to gigs. Also, a while back my doctor told me I needed more vitamin D, as apparently I am severely lacking it (oops) so I've been in and out the sun to soak up … [Read more...]

Get more eyeballs on your blog posts

Laser eyes image courtesy of Shutterstock

You have written your blog post, checked for Spellos, Typos and Grammos (Grammos are a bit like Cheerios but less happy) and added an image that has a caption to your blog post, what next? In this blog post I am going to talk you through how I promote a blog post. Here at Birds on the Blog we get … [Read more...]

4 things to STOP doing at work and slim down!

Work stress plays havoc with weight loss

Here are 4 sneaky things that could be working against you in your work environment. Left unchecked they will play havoc with your weight loss and health goals. 1. Stop believing eating relieves your stress levels It is true there can be a relationship between feeling stress and your appetite. Did … [Read more...]

Women can have it all

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If you spend any amount of time reading the internet, you’ll undoubtedly have seen dozens of pieces about how hard it is nowadays for women to have it all: a family, a job, a social life and success. Newsmagazines and websites are constantly telling us how we have to pick one or the other, success … [Read more...]

Earn a living taking part in Focus Groups? Not with Saros Research!

saros research

Of course lots of people are vulnerable to online scams offering to replace the grind of the day job with just a few minutes here and there, completing surveys or sending emails or clicking on ads…  Generally the precise nature of the ‘opportunity’ on offer won’t be revealed until you have forked … [Read more...]