Putting Plans Into Action

I’ve been saying for quite a while now that I need to stop procrastinating and panicking about everything I should be doing which I’m not, and actually get up and do it, even if the thought of it scares me. I start off with the best intentions a lot of the time, and do some …Read More

Music, movement & weight loss

Ever met a sedentary person who laments their declining health but unfortunately they are just not an “exercise person”? Maybe you sometimes say this about yourself. Perhaps you say, “I’m not an exercise kind of person. Other people like that sort of thing but I don’t.” The implication being “…so it’s reasonable for me to …Read More

Digital networking – is it the answer?

OK – I can hear you saying ‘… the answer to what?’  The rest of the sentence is … marketing your business successfully. Everyone has an opinion and these are some of the thoughts from people I’ve spoken to recently and my comments in response. Online is the ‘lazy’ way of marketing and nobody is …Read More

In control

For us control freaks the illusion that we can be and are in control of everything is persistent and important. The fact that we are keeping the control gives us security and feeling of safety. When things go our way, we can relax…well, sort of, since we still have to control that things are done …Read More