Growing Up With Adrian Mole

When I was thirteen and three quarters, I went to an all-girls London comprehensive school.  It was felt at the time that this was an academically optimal environment, but socially nothing could have been worse in many ways.  Boys were an alien … [Read more]

Facing Fears

Fears. We all have them - some of us have several - and some people suffer from them more than most. It doesn't necessarily have to be a phobia, as such, but we all have at least one thing in our life that terrifies us. For me, possibly my … [Read more]

LinkedIn By The Numbers

There are over 200 million LinkedIn members worldwide. Of those members, 47.2% are from North America and 23% are from Europe. The United States boasts 74 million LinkedIn members. In previous years, the gender breakdown had been hovering … [Read more]