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Found: Purpose. No Previous Owners. POA

This is a book review. This is based on my reading of the book Soul’d Out; Your guide to finding your life purpose by Sashka Hanna-Rappl. I received a review copy of the book as a gift as I’ve

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Living With a Digital Handbag

Let me share with you about my digital handbag.  First of all, this digital handbag I’m reviewing was gifted to me, on the condition that I give you a fair and honest review of my experience with

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2016 The Year of the Grief Police

All of this, all of social media is meant to make us feel more connected. And we do. We’re  more connected to our politicians thanks to Twitter. Not only can we mock them for their very human fallacies,

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I’m Still With Her

What do you do when you’re born to serve, and do so very well. You’re respected by your peers and other world leaders but denied the opportunity by your own country? I’d like think I

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Gifts: Gorgeous Journals For Women

Are you looking for a gorgeous gift for the woman who means everything to you? Then check out these Journals from Hope House Press (but not until you’ve read my review). Leather Journals For Women Do

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The Nasty Woman’s Guide to #TrumpBookReport

One of the greatest things about social media is how a conversation can spring up and be expanded upon, with great humour and creativity. A tweet from Antonio French at 3.23am GMT inspired thousands of

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For our daughters… part one

As a parent I want to give my girls the strength and resilience to cope with the world, and the skills to make it a better place. I truly believe they should be the change they wish to see in the world. Since

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