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Gifts: Gorgeous Journals For Women

Are you looking for a gorgeous gift for the woman who means everything to you? Then check out these Journals from Hope House Press (but not until you’ve read my review).

Leather Journals For Women

Do you journal? A lot of women do, it’s a great way to empty your mind and clarify your thoughts. Liz Weston, head honcho over at Hope House Press invited me to review one of her leather journals or diaries. Being a stationista I said yes please! And 24 hours later I was unwrapping the most gorgeous hand-covered leather journal.

I was really excited that my journal had arrived so quickly, and I quickly jumped onto Facebook Live and shared the unboxing of my gift with 100 other people :). Yeah, I know, but I promise you when you order your journal and it arrives looking all gorgeous and smelling of leather, you’re going to want to share the experience with other stationery lovers.

(C) Hope House Press

(C) Hope House Press

The journal I chose was actually a diary. the cover is a pinky-red that’s feminine but not pink. Printed in bold, black letters on the leather is

“Be Brave

Be Bold

Be Beautiful

Be You”

The pages are soft and smooth for a pleasurable writing experience. I really hate journals with cheap paper inside, as it seems my gel pens “catch” on hidden flaws in the paper. There’s nothing to worry about with Hope House Press journals and diaries, the writing pages are as smooth as satin and a pleasure to write on.

As you can see from the photo there’s plenty of space to write / journal in. I’m currently using mine to plan out my blog’s editorial calendar and it’s perfect for this :).

Personalised Leather Diaries

Hope House Press offer you so much more than just your name on the front, although if simplicity and elegance is your game, they offer this too.

The leather covers come in a range of colours, so if the special person in your life isn’t a woman, you’ll still be able to find the perfect gift for them. There’s a lovely range on “Dad” ones that make great gifts for the dads in your life.

Do I recommend Hope House Press Leather Journals and Diaries?

Yes, yes I do! they’re very reasonably priced considering the quality of the product. The customisation options are just right – not so many you’re unable to make a decision and not so few that you feel like you’re missing out on something. As well as making superb gifts for the women in your life, you can choose a journal

So, if you’re looking for a gorgeous gift, look no further than the leather journals and diaries from Hope House Press.


Disclaimer: Sarah Arrow and Liz Weston are friends, they’ve known each other for years although they’ve yet to meet. Will this sway the review? Ha! Stationery is too important to be a puff piece and fib about… What you’re reading here is my own unbiased opinion and I love and use the journal that I have. If you’re not a stationery lover, and are vegan etc then these are not for you.

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