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Living With a Digital Handbag

Let me share with you about my digital handbag.  First of all, this digital handbag I’m reviewing was gifted to me, on the condition that I give you a fair and honest review of my experience with it 1분만 닥쳐줄래요. These are my opinions and experiences with the digital handbag, yours may be different depending on your life and lifestyle 윈도우7 익스플로러 9.

Before I knew what a digital handbag was…

I have no idea what a digital handbag is, where to get one or what to look for. I do a quick search and find this video by digital trends expert Christiane Vejlø 심플 뮤직.  It looks to me like an ordinary bag. What a surprise I’m in for!


The Official Digital Handbag Specifications

  • 20cms height
  • 28.5 cms wide
  • 3 cms deep
  • Comes in 4 colours – Black, Caramel, Chilli, or Nude (a colour to go with every outfit)
  • 5000mAh battery and micro USB charging cable come included – nearly three full charges on an iPhone
  • Fully detachable strap: transforms this clutch into a cross body bag
  • Padded section: safely store your tablet – fits up to 10″ tablet
  • Detachable coin purse
  • Two side zips: fully expand this clutch bag to have everything easily accessible
  • Two external zipped pockets – ideal for passports, credit cards and tickets Download Old Pop.
  • KNOMO ID: Register your bag and if it’s lost, the finder can return it to you via the Knomo portal
  • Technically this is a clutch bag, but I’ve called it a handbag 그림판 무료 다운로드.

This digital clutch bag is like the Tardis 2008 Language Pack. You can get everything you need into, with the exception of the kitchen sink (which I didn’t try but was tempted to).  I’ve had the following in the bag and it still looked slim and elegant 카카오티비 동영상.

  • Samsung Galaxy tablet (can’t recall the version it’s 2 years old)
  • Iphone
  • Best Self Journal
  • One pen
  • £4.33 in coins
  • A travel card, a debit card, a passport, a notebook
  • two lipsticks, a mascara, a blush, and a blush brush
  • A copy of Noah St Johns Afformations
  • Battery to charge the phone
  • Sunglasses
  • Various charging leads
  • A wall socket charger plug (just in case, and I didn’t need it)
  • A handful of tampons (nice not to have these fall out of a pocket)
  • A packet of powdered protein
  • A packet of chewing gum
  • A mini packet of baby wipes (10 wipes packet)

Do You Need a Digital Handbag Download the Internet YouTube video?

Yes, you do. Let’s talk practicalities now… Having a charging battery in your bag makes life so much easier. No more looking for a place to charge your phone or tablet 로타 사진집 다운로드. The cables are all kept neat and tidy, and no one knows you’re charging your phone or tablet unless you tell them.

The tablet pocket is padded Download McKenna's Golden. If you’re out and about, the bag and the padding is enough to protect your tablet from everyday knocks and jostling. I’ve had a pair of sunglasses in my bag, and it’s the first year they’ve not got scratched after a week in my bag.

I won’t go anywhere without my digital handbag now, it keeps me organised on the go, and I don’t look like a crazy woman rooting through a bag for something when I reach into it… I can pretty much put my hand on whatever I want in seconds.

Is The Digital Handbag Easy To Use?

I thought I’ll never remember to charge the battery. But I do. My cosmetics have migrated from the dressing table to the mesh section, and my cables live neatly in the back external pocket. I like the front, zipped pocket for my travel card.

The bag keeps you organised, and when I don’t have it, I really miss it. Simple things like rummaging around for sunglasses, or change is more frustrating than ever in an ordinary bag. There’s no getting ink on your hands because the lid has come off a pen, your sunglasses don’t get scratched and your coins are in one easy to reach place.

The digital handbag is perfect for business travel as well as everyday use. I find I’m far more organised on my trips into London with the bag, than without it.

At the £275.00 the Elektronista leather digital clutch bag isn’t expensive for a leather handbag. It’s affordable for pretty much all female entrepreneurs who want to be connected when they’re out and about.

If you’re on the fence about whether you need one or not, I use mine every single day. In 2 months there isn’t a mark on it. There are no signs of wear and tear. It’s a robust yet elegant handbag that has an everyday practical business use.

Take a look here

Life is so much easier when you’re organised, and this fab digital clutch bag makes life so much easier. I know you’ll love it as much as I do.


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