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Found: Purpose. No Previous Owners. POA

This is a book review. This is based on my reading of the book Soul’d Out; Your guide to finding your life purpose by Sashka Hanna-Rappl.

I received a review copy of the book as a gift as I’ve done some work with the author zsnes 다운로드. This does not influence my opinion. Please also note, as a trained Discovery Expert (I’m professionally trained in careers and life guidance since 2001), my opinion may be different to yours Download nfx.

There’s a plethora of find your purpose books on the internet, and then there are the blogs, the physical books, the videos, and the podcasts Download microsoft office 2013. This is an incredibly busy industry because one in three workers are in the wrong job and this statistic doesn’t include those not working because they have no idea what they want to do c# csv 다운로드.

There’s a lot of people who hit mid-life and realise their life isn’t what they thought it would be… If this is you, then this is the book for you 아비라 한글.

This is where Soul’d Out: Finding Your Life Purpose comes in zap 다운로드. The book is divided into three sections:

  1. Dreams
  2. Purpose
  3. Life-Purpose Formula

It opens with the story of someone who was awakened by the author at a live event 나의 아저씨 6화 다운로드.

Then the book moves t0 your dreams after reminding you of how lost you can feel for not being chosen, you know the bit with the heavens opening and sparkly rays of light picking you out Nintendo Switch sleep mode. This feeling is the one that we all have in common. You feel someone else is the chosen one, partially because you don’t understand your own uniqueness and also because you think you’re the only one who feels this way Download Vegas 10. This is why university is so life changing for students – they discover others who feel exactly like they do.

The mid-section of the book is the part that I enjoyed the most 맥북 사파리 동영상 다운로드. Here the author talks about alter-characters and values as well as your purpose. As you read through the sections the author shares her experiences and wisdom. There’s nothing held back, you hear about the author’s success, her perceived failings and how these led to her life’s purpose. This is very inspirational.

The final chapter is around working this out for yourself and owning your decisions. This is your life, and whatever you decide you’re responsible for it.


The author reminds you that your purpose and fulfilling it doesn’t happen over night. You don’t discover your calling and feel satisfaction immediately. This is something that you ease into and the journey is often better than the destination.


If you’re lost and you’re looking, you will find it. This book will help you start your journey to find your purpose. If you email in your receipt to the book you can get the worksheets that will help you articulate your thoughts and feelings.

Where you go on your journey after finding your purpose? I guess that’s book two.

You can get Soul’d Out: Finding Your Life Purpose here


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