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What Impact Have Social Media Networks on Feminism?

With the constant rise of social media networks, many movements have found a way to spread their message and attract a following. Social media essentially gave a voice to many women who have something to say regarding the way they were being treated, their rights and their place in this world and the internet became their way to spread it.

Feminism is going through a new era which makes it a lot more powerful and gives it a lot more freedom to be present. Social media has played a very important role in this situation. Here are some important examples which help portray the way in which these networking platforms have impacted this movement.

Spreading the ideology

Feminism is not so new in our world. While many might think that it is just a newfound movement, created through social media, the truth is that it has been around for quite some time. Throughout the 19th and 20th century, women made plenty of movements in pursuit of equality and feminism has been present since the beginning of these actions.

While all around the world different women might have a slightly different interpretation of this movement, it is essentially consistent of all the movements which have been made in order to obtain women’s rights.

Social media played a very important role in making this movement more famous. The internet offers its users a way to spread information very quickly and when famous celebrities started talking about their support of feminism in the past few years, the movement really blew up.

Most people might not truly be able to understand the ideology of feminism by themselves, but social media networks offer users from all around the world a chance to get to know more about the history and the ideologies of feminism and understand why it should be supported.

The more feminism is being discussed on these online platforms, the more ground it covers and the more people it reaches. This has helped a lot concerning many different situations where women were being mistreated and it gave them the right to speak out about their experiences for the rest of the world to hear.

The right to speak up

Social media networks bring a lot of people together and they have created a way for women to find one another and support each other in times of need. Over the last few years, there have been a plethora of campaigns online which aim to spread the ideology and help women find their voices online.

There have been many different hashtags and online campaigns which have made an appearance over the past couple few years which have helped shed a much needed light on women’s issues and everyday situations which in the past used to be completely disregarded. These have become a reason for change and have made people think twice about their actions online.

Hashtags such as #BringBackOurGirls, after Boko Haram abducted many schoolgirls in Nigeria, helped gather a lot of publicity on this situation and also shed a lot of light in how women in West Africa and Nigeria were being treated at the time and for many years in the past. In situations where a woman’s life was being threatened and her rights were being stolen, feminists from all around the world decided to step in and protest in their own way and possibly the only way they could, through their online social media communities.

After this, similar movements have been made, and while they might not have always been successful and achieved the results the participating women hoped for, they have attracted a lot of publicity on serious matters which affect women and have given many women the voice they had lost through the abuse.

When social media creates issues

Social media platforms have given women a very powerful tool to express their concerns and offer their support to fellow females from all around the world. They truly gave women a way to empower each other and help share encouragement between them, whenever needed.

The problem here is that in many cases, social media has been used in order to silence women and strip them of their free speech rights in many ways. Female journalists have been the targets of not only mass media platforms but also simple users who like to sexualize and degrade women in every chance possible in order to make their words seem less reliable.

Research conducted by Amnesty International has revealed that women go through a lot of abuse online and it truly affects their mental health by causing stress, anxiety and panic attacks. Online abuse is the most powerful way people can silence women online. Social media has sadly been used to degrade the feminist movement. People have tried to make it seem less important by attacking its followers and lessening their value and credibility of their words as well as actions in the online communities.

So, while on the one hand women are getting more freedom to talk about their experiences and go after their rights in the online world, there are always others who will try to degrade them and strip away their rights. Hateful comments sadly are usually widely supported and create a gap in the movement by discouraging the women participating in it.

Finding a middle ground can make things better

Social media is very powerful in our day and time and the only thing that is for certain is that these networks will keep growing. Women will always have the chance to speak their voices online and while they might receive some hateful comments, it is important to remember that those who write them are simply always trying to find a way to hurt those who wish to make a change.

Feminism will only continue to grow as social media platforms evolve and it will give more and more women the opportunity to make an impact with their words and actions online and on a broader spectrum. The way we use social media is what will eventually make a difference in women’s lives and it will help many go after their rights in the offline world too.

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