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Content Marketers: 4 Tips to Manage Digital Files

Did you know that the average retailer has 50,000 SKUs?

Even a small mom-and-pop shop can have over 10,000 products. How about your business, do you really know how many digital files your organization has? Think about all the jpgs, tifs, pngs, gifs, mpegs, mp4s, pdfs. Your company can easily be storing thousands of files on shared folders and hard drives around your office and you are not alone in this practice. Digital file management is an often neglected area, an organization project that always goes on the ‘I will do that later’ list. The problem we marketers face with this approach, is that when it is time to find the right file it becomes nearly impossible to find it. So, if you want to increase your productivity for yourself and your team, it is time for a digital library to manage all of this content.

A digital library also goes by another name, a digital asset management or DAM platform. A DAM platform is different than an online dropbox-style account. A dropbox account is a blank folder. Where a DAM platform  is the backbone of your marketing activities with a range of cool features and is used on a daily basis by creative, sales, and marketing teams to find, collaborate on and share files.

Thinking about how to get all of your Digital Assets in Order? Here are 4 Best Practices Content Marketers will need get their files organized regardless of what digital asset management tools you choose.

  1. Create metadata structure so files are easy to find.

You will need to create a hierarchy with keywords, tags and naming conventions. For most businesses this means a hierarchy based on types of products and the production year. A good tip is to look at how your website is set up and this is a smart structure to follow.

When your images are easy to find, more people will use the right, high quality image.

  1. Make Sharing the Right File Easy

Everyone has had the experience of looking on a corporate drive to find a logo or product image, only to realize that it is the wrong size for what you need. Facebook, Twitter, Linked in…every website uses different files sizes and it looks so bad when images are squeezed. DAM platforms let you transcode on the fly, meaning you see a file in the central repository and you input what dimensions you want the file and it will be shared or downloaded from the library for you.

Whatever digital file management solution you use, the ability to make sharing the right file easy is essential for businesses today.

  1. Let Technology Work For You to Save Time

Digital automated workflows are amazing timesavers. A digital workflow means that you can track materials that are in a draft form, get people to sign off electronically for approvals. All this means that you won’t have people accessing a draft of something and instead they will get the up to the minute version.  You can even restrict who can access a file and when they can access it. This is great for a new product launch or materials that are time sensitive.

Digital workflows mean you can collaborate quickly with your creative, marketing and sales teams.

  1. Brands are precious, always protect yours

Make sure you have a plan for digital rights management (DRM). How you keep track of copyrighted material, the use of watermarks. This all protects you in-case of copyright infringement cases and any potential issues with licensees, partners or competitors. If someone incorrectly uses your materials, a strong DRM will protect you from possible lawsuits.

Good luck deciding how you plan on managing all your content, there are many technologies out there to help simplify your life and increase speed to market. Like most things in life, it all begins with some organization and a good plan.

About the Author:   Heather is an entrepreneur and digital marketing expert. She is currently getting her Masters in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from HEC Paris and working for digital asset management software provider Digizuite. Digital asset management software makes it possible for businesses to search, manage, and share files from one centralized asset bank ensuring brand consistency. Digizuite is a major player in the global DAM market, providing powerful digital asset management solutions to businesses and organizations around the world. With our software, users can simply upload, edit, search, manage, distribute and repurpose rich media content, such as images, videos, documents and PDF files, across internal and external channels from one centralized source through automated and intelligent workflows.

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