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I lost my Twitter Mojo!

Roundabout the end of 2017, it disappeared… my Twitter mojo was washed away by the holiday season and winter rains.  Try as I might, over the next few months it didn’t return.  Not a problem you might think, save I am known for my love of Twitter and even been awarded ‘Top 10 Expats to follow on Twitter” title so I needed to get my love affair back.

A new way forward was called for, but actually I went back  – back to how I used to use Twitter, back to the tweetdeck.twitter.com platform which I originally used when I started using Twitter in October 2010, back to the linear look and feel of the platform, removing all the old plugins and apps that no longer served me.  I went back to being more social, more conversational, more collaborative and back to showing up.

And I learnt that

  • Tweetdeck now has a ‘mentions’ tab that makes it so much easier to see who followed and mentioned your tweet.
  • removing all the old apps does stop me from accessing analytics at analytics.twitter.com so why did I need the paid for, extra data?
  • you can set up all sorts of fun recipes with IFTTT.com (If Not This Then That) to prepare an excel in Google drive with a spread-sheet of tweets around a certain hashtag or geocode.
  • showing up more and being your true self to who you connect with makes a difference (in a few months my followers increased by 300 and my top tweet got 4,152 impressions with 4K impressions over the last 28 days and 100 mentions).
  • there are newbies on Twitter I hadn’t found before using the old apps, and they were pretty cool, so I followed them too.  Then spending time unfollowing people who no longer fitted with my small business niche.
  • I still believe Twitter is the best social media networking tool for connecting immediately with people you don’t know and who aren’t in your network.
  • I can’t upload a list to Tweetdeck of tweets to share when launching, or announcing an event or project. However I love com for scheduling different content to share one blog or video.  And I can use buffer.com for posting on the go and sharing with their applet when I am not ‘live’ (free for one account)
  • sometimes you need to stop doing the same old, revise, refresh, go back, start again.

Happy Tweeting!  (Find me @costawomen)

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Ali Meehan has lived in Australia, the Middle East and Thailand and has spent many years travelling for work. Home is now Malaga in Spain. Ali describes herself as an expat at heart and believes it’s important to connect, share and build strong networks. Meet Ali and the rest of the Costa Women at http://costawomen.com and don't forget to say The Birds sent you!

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