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Is it just me?

Is it just me?

There is something that has baffled me for a while, and I wonder if it’s just me.

What is it I hear you ask? Well, it’s business owners effectively hiding their business information. Yes, I said hiding their information. I’m guessing that you’re probably thinking that I’m confused and that it makes no sense and you’d be correct on both counts.

I’ll explain what I’m talking about. I am in a number of business groups on Facebook and see people volunteering their services or making really interesting or helpful points which lead me to want to find out more about their business, especially if I am in need of the service or know someone who is. This is where it then becomes confusing and nonsensical.

I hover my mouse over their name and the little box pops up only for me to be greeted with an empty space where their information would be or better still all their information bar what I need, their business.

Congratulations on your engagement

Ooh, your degree sounds really interesting.I’m pleased you’re in a relationship and not wandering the planet alone.

How many friends? Wow, you are popular.

Hey, my aunty lives near you. I wonder if she knows you and might be able to give me your business information.

You’ve been married since 2012, wishing you a long and happy marriage.

You’re self- employed. Snap, me too. Let’s be friends!

I appreciate that you want to keep your life and business separate, but don’t you want to take the opportunity as much as possible to market your business? Linking your business page (assuming you have one) or just stating your business name means that when someone like me comes along and wants to find out more unbeknownst to you, I have something to go on rather than:

Ok, I have no idea about this person’s business I’ll move on to the next.

Aww, what a lovely picture of your holiday.

Ooh, we went to the same uni.

You’re the owner at ….., fab I’ll check it out.

Then possibly even dare I say it, some business coming your way because you made it easy for me to find out about your business.

Joanna Darko JD Assist

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