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You Need To Build An Audience First

Most people would tell you that you need a product first.  Most people would also then go on to spend lots and lots of time trying to get said product, service, art, music, books, whatever perfectly right 공허의 유산 다운로드.

They get the website perfect…

They get the colours just so…

They have everything all lined up and looking beautiful…

And finally, FINALLY, with baited breath and with all their courage, they switch it all on…


NOTHING Download The Factorio!


Because there is no one there!

Absolutely no one there!

No one cares because right now, there are about 20 million other people who just switched on their business with baited breath, with fear, with all the stuff you ae experiencing now and they too, did not build an audience first 애플고딕.

If you have no one to sell to then who the heck will buy what you have?

I mean, really.


Yes, there are 7 billion people out there and you do not need a lot of them to buy your thing to become profitable but there has to be a system in place to actually get their attention and get your message out or else, you are simply talking to no one at all Powermill.

So, how?

  1. Communicate
  2. Capture

These two things are essential.


Use blogs, videos, audios, give talks online and offline, be active in Facebook groups, linked in groups, create quote images and text updates and spread the word of who you are and what you have to offer Download The Seumter.

Do advertising of your content and build audiences on Facebook of people who like what you are up to and what you have to say.

Brainstorm even more ideas of what you can do to get attention Download SimCity4.

Think public relations as well.

Every day, do something to add people to your audience.

Do not wait for people to find you!

Do whatever it takes to get their attention 히토미 뷰어.

There is so much content out there and it increases all the time so you need to do more for longer than most, in order to get that attention.

And you need that attention to get your idea to come alive Discovery of Love!

There are no two ways about it and it will simply be fear/pride that stops you from getting in front of people as fast and as intently as you can.  You can say things like ‘I want people to come because they want to, I don’t want to force them”

And yes, that can work but only if you are indiscriminately (mostly) getting your stuff out into the world so that these willing participants can actually see it Self-esteem!


OK, so you got their attention.  Well, the next step is to capture it so that you can keep getting their attention preferably without having to pay for it every single time.  YOu might want to when you are ready to truly accelerate but to start with, some ability to reach these people organically and follow-up with them would be useful Download Fake Talk 3.

Therefore, you get them on a mailing list.

Use services like Aweber, Getresponse, Mailchimp and lots others to manage the list and send out the newsletters and create a reason for your growing audience to sign up to your newsletter.

And when I say, reason, I mean a lead magnet or free giveaway or very low-cost product for them to buy into.

And then, follow-up with them.

Over and over and over again.

Never assume they know!

The chances are that they really do not!  Life is busy and it is easy to get distracted.

So tell them, tell them, TELL THEM!

Fight for, deliberately design the life you are born to live

Because you want to!

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To attract your first five online customers, clients, recruits, download the free report here - More Customers Now Rosemary Nonny Knight was once a pharmacist and then decided to create a profitable business doing what she loves which enabled her to leave work. She also teaches other professionals and business owners to make the same shift.