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What Is Stealing Your Time?

There are time stealers everywhere.  Are you letting them steal your time?

Are you willy-nilly handing over your time to them and then getting to the end of the day with nothing much to show for it?

1)  Is your phone vibrating and making all kinds of sounds all day long?

And it seems so legitimate that people be able to reach you whenever they want.  I wonder what they did when there were no smartphones.  You mean they had to wait to reach you on the landline?  And they did?!!!  And somehow, the world did not end?!!

Honey, put your phone on silent and stop being distracted by every single Facebook notification, every. single. TWEET and who knows what else beeps and vibrates to get your attention.  And when it comes to real people, get an answering service on your phone that takes messages.  Tell people that you will not call them back unless they leave you a message and honey, keep your word.  I do this with my phone – I have  a message telling people that the phone is on silent and I only call people back who leave me a message telling me why they need to speak with me.

This does eliminate a great number of time stealers and I never call non-message leavers back.

2) Are you jumping to attention at the sound of every family or friend drama?

Yes, I get it – You are the strong one.  They all lean on you.  They all think you are amazing and they all want a piece of you.  And lets be honest, it makes you feel needed and you also want to be the nice one and so you continually say yes when you really would like to say a solid ‘NO’

Are you done with that yet?

Is your mission, your agenda not important enough for you to stay on track?

Is your mission, your goal not compelling enough to ignore everyone else?

I know that when you read this first, it may sound horrid that I suggest you ignore everyone and focus on your own agenda but honey, you really do only have so much time so when you spend it trying to make everyone happy, YOU FAIL!  Your dreams remain dreams and you do not get any thanks for it.  You just get more demands, more people wanting to stretch you as thin as you allow them to stretch you.  Again, are you done yet?  Or do you still have more to give to the time vampires all around you?

Honey, you have to get focused.  You have to see that your agenda, your goal is worth your full attention.  Set your priorities and keep to them.  for instance, I am best wife, mum and coach and everything else takes a back seat to these 3 things.  And even if children or partner try to take more than what I am willing to give, I ask them to back down.  Why?   Because this is my one life!  And I choose to make the most of it.  Do you?

3) Are you spending a lot of time thinking and overthinking before making a move?

This is one HUGE area for a lot of ladies as they wonder and think and plan and organize before actually taking a step in any direction.   And this, my honey, is you stealing time from yourself. There is no clarity to be found while sitting on the fence wondering and waiting. There is nothing but more uncertainty to be found there. Time to take action – Firm, decisive action even if you are not completely sure what to do next.

Do something and expect that the next step will become clear.

Just begin.

Fight for, deliberately design the life you are born to live

Because you want to

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