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How To Get Whatever You Want From Your Life and Business

Everyone wants something.  Most people get to the point in life where they stop believing it is possible to have whatever they want.  I did that for a while and then decided that the other option was just not all that great Adobe free!

Going to work doing the whole pharmacist thing was just plain boring and so, after waiting to hit the rock-bottom of bankruptcy and depression, I decided to stop living to my past-ordained conditioning and go after a life and a business that I actually wanted Download Orient Express Murder.

No, you do not have to wait for the rock-bottom, just in case you wondered.  Although there is something about human beings that makes us stay in place until forced to move.  Not you, of course!  Here is how to ensure you get whatever you want from your life and your business download xp windbg.


If I asked you point blank right now, what you wanted, would you be able to tell me?  Could you give it detail and specificity or would you say some vague thing about more money (would one dollar be enough?), more time (an extra minute a day?) or to be in a relationship (Would a pet do the trick?) 베가스 14 무료 다운로드.

Do you really know what you want?  Have you taken the time to get clear on it?  When last did you write down your wants, your desires, the legacy you want to leave on this planet, the difference you want to make, the money you want to receive and for what purpose?  What countries or continents do you want to see?  What kind of a partner would you like to have in your life?  How would you like to feel each and every day Gangster Vegas free? Where do you want to live?  What size property?  Where?  What work would you like to be doing on a daily basis?  How many hours?  Or would you like a life where you just love your work so much, it feels like play Melon 2018 October 4th Week Top100?

Do you know what you want?  Take a moment right now to answer the questions above and anything else that pops into your mind as well.  Personally, I find the act of writing down my goals to be a lot more solid and action creating than just thinking about them.  I write them down, it becomes a little more real than just some vague idea in my head.  And I am sure there is some study somewhere that tells us that people who write down goals are much more likely to make them happen Download the Pokémon xy game.


Okay so you did the work, you wrote down your goals but tell me, did you filter?  Did you have a grand, huge idea and then talk yourself out of it because it seems impossible to reach there from where you are right now and hey, no one you know has done it so who are you to think that you can do it Autocad 2013 lt?

Did you do that?

Or maybe, you started to write down your big goal and you suddenly got a little petrified by how much work it might take to make it happen and so again, you filtered it a little, made it a little smaller, something much more manageable, realistic and considerably less desirable 동화책?


Go back and do it again.  This time, write down the goals that you really want!  Where is the incentive to work for goals you don’t even really want?  You already do that – The job, the other stuff in your life that you do to please other people!  Why would another series of ‘so-so’ goals get you off your bum, imagining and creating them?  They won’t.  Part of the problem for a lot of people is the fact that their goals are simply not inspiring enough because they try so hard to be realistic.  Please forget that, go for what you really want!  The only thing keeping what you really want from you is the work 미악의 꽃!


On the one hand, you may want to create the income to purchase a 20 bed mansion on the seafront in Bali but  on the other hand, you may also think you have to live in a commune, having sold everything and committed to the simple life because that is what your religion says makes you a good person!  Yes, I know this is an extreme example but can you see how you might be conflicted on the inside and potentially stay stuck not moving in either direction.  Yes, you want to be a good person, but you also want to be rich and your paradigm of the world states that it has to be one or the other?!

The problem for a lot of people is that the conflict is not this obvious.  And so they wander through the years spinning their wheels but getting nowhere and feeling more and more frustrated and finally, they decide they are incapable of creating their goals.  They suffer from goal fatigue where they simply stop setting any.

If you are going to get whatever you want from your life and business, then you need internal clarity.  You NEED to unearth all the competing and conflicting goals within you and make a conscious decision on which one is more important to you and do whatever it takes to eliminate the other one.  Some use energy techniques like tapping, others use journaling out what they choose to now believe, others simply just keep changing their mind whenever the conflicting thought arises, they crowd it out and refuse to give it room to breathe.  Do whatever you need to stop this crazy internal nonsense stop you in your tracks.


Do I need to say anymore?  Just in case I do, let me simply say that the only thing that separates you from what you want is the work.  THE ONLY THING!  No, your past does no matter, your connections do not matter, your skin colour does not matter, what your parents earn does not matter, how much time you think you have does not matter – Nothing matters except doing the work consistently until it takes.

Will you?


Then you can have it all!

And there you have it, 4 keys to having whatever you want out of your life and business – Will you follow through?

Fight for, deliberately design the life you are born to live

Because you want to

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To attract your first five online customers, clients, recruits, download the free report here - More Customers Now Rosemary Nonny Knight was once a pharmacist and then decided to create a profitable business doing what she loves which enabled her to leave work. She also teaches other professionals and business owners to make the same shift.