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Perfection Is Overrated! – There is another word that works a lot better to grow your business

How much time is wasted trying to get everything right?  Only to put your work out in the world and realise that no one wants it.

At least, not in the form that you thought would be perfect Ask mom to.

But perfect according to who?

It is the marketplace that tells you what is perfect so the quicker you get your work out there, the quicker you find out what will work Download the electricity bill.

Perfection is Overrated!

It makes people spend so much time holding back on doing anything because they think they have to learn everything before they start 사진 첨부파일.

It makes people tell themselves that their offering is not good enough…

It means that we do not get to experience your offering because you refuse to let it out of your sight Download your Google account.

And perfection is simply fear driven.

Fear that you will be judged and found wanting…

Fear that you cannot make your business work 더우인.

Fear that you are not enough.

Fear of what people will think.

Fear that you will give up what you have and still not get anything so then it starts to feel safe to stay stuck 신나는 클럽노래.

And all of that fear just makes you do things that get you exactly what you fear.

Everyone starts at the start.

Every successful person that you admire now, started at the start Download hopin movies.

No one shot straight to the jackpot!


Everyone produced less-than perfect work to begin with and then optimised and optimised it until it was good enough for those they were called to serve Bible and hymns.

You will be no different unless you keep sitting on your great idea.

Being a successful entrepreneur will mean getting over your need for everything to be perfect…

Because you need to move fast to get to your goals and all that procrastination caused by the need to be perfect, will simply hold you back Download Rambo Last War.

Consistency is a more helpful word for you.

Consistent communication as you build a audience on social media and elsewhere

Consistent capture as you invite people to join your mailing list daily

Consistent close as you offer your product or service to your people daily 판결문.

That is what will help you win.

Perfection is overrated

whereas consistency is the magic bullet that will get your business profitable fast.

Ditch perfection

It does not work.

Be consistent in putting your work out into the world.

It may not be perfect all the time but that is how you learn what will work fast.

Fight for, deliberately design the life you are born to live

Because you want to.

About the Author Rosemary Nonny Knight

To attract your first five online customers, clients, recruits, download the free report here - More Customers Now Rosemary Nonny Knight was once a pharmacist and then decided to create a profitable business doing what she loves which enabled her to leave work. She also teaches other professionals and business owners to make the same shift.