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Who holds your self-belief when you don’t

It’s 8.15am on a sunny Saturday morning in September and I’m about to leave the house to walk to my local park. It’s quiet. Nobody else is up. I have just had a slice of toast and that

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Because I am a woman

Did you know that the ONLY police force to categorise misogyny as a hate crime is Nottinghamshire Police. This video, Because I am a woman, was released a couple of days ago. Nottinghamshire Police and

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Lost your identity? Who do you think you are?

The women I often talk to have lost their sense of self, their sense of identity after a career break or redundancy. When you don’t know who you are, it makes it harder to feel confident. When you

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How successful women get more done in 24 hours

What do others say about you when you’re not around? Do they say “she’s so organised, I don’t know how she does it all” or is it more like “that woman is driving me

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Six insightful questions to get your business on target

It’s September. 2/3 through the calendar year. A crispness in the air after the summer heat. For some business mums, life has slowed down during the school holidays and now it’s time to

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The Confident Mother’s summer reading

Every woman in business needs to actively continue to develop her confidence and knowledge. Today I’m going to share The Confident Mother’s summer reading. The confidence that you need to

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The books that influenced my business

Last week I shared the books that changed my life and helped me on my journey to The Confident Mother. This week I am sharing some of the books on business that have influenced me at work, whether in

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