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Are you one of the ‘missing’ women?

I spent the whole of Tuesday discussing the missing women. Tuesday afternoon with a UK bank discussing their strategy to comply with the Women in Finance charter followed by an invitation to CMI headquarters

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How to get ‘in flow’ so you have the energy to do anything

I’m sharing this story because I know there are other women out there who feel like I do back in April. Lost. Confused. Uncertain. Feeling ‘on fire’ When I met with my mastermind group

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How to get on with even the most annoying people

We’ve all worked with really annoying people. What’s ‘annoying’ is different for every person. You might get really irritated with the manager that sends the brusque email “Need

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How to have an amazing year

How to have an amazing year in 2017 couldn’t be easier. You just need to get clear on what you really really want in 2017. But before you do that … … take time to review your achievements

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5 secrets from The Confident Mother to balance work and life

The one thing I notice when I talk to mums who work, is that we all struggle to confidently balance work and life. It doesn’t seem to matter whether ‘work’ means career or business. For

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Was Aleksandra right to quit the Apprentice?

Are you a fan of the BBC’s The Apprentice? Did you watch last night’s show. What was your take on Aleksandra King’s decision to quit the process? Is she weak and ineffective? Not strong

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How coaching skills make you a better manager

Discover the power of coaching skills Would you love to know how coaching skills can help you to be a better manager? So let’s take a moment to think about the worst manager that you’ve worked

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