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How the noisy critic in your head is killing your career (& 3 ways to fix this)

How often do you hold back from applying for a role because that noisy critic in your head tells you “you’re not good enough“? How often do you look at other women at work and think

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How to stop procrastinating – what ambitious women already know

How often have you thought to yourself “I wish I’d waited until the last possible minute before getting started“? Never? Exactly. Stop procrastinating and get it done! You and I both

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5 essentials for ambitious women who want career confidence

When I talk to women privately (whether in a coaching session or just recently in conversations about my Career Confidence and Leadership Confidence programmes), I am always surprised (annoyed even) at

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5 skills ambitious women need to get promoted

Today’s post explores 5 of the key skills that ambitious women need to practice and develop in order to get promoted. Communication Communication is a core skill that is absolutely essential in

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How to check if your work-life balance is broken

Many of the women I work with, come to me because they have a broken work-life balance. The results of my recent survey proved that work-life balance is the No 1 workplace challenge for ambitious women. Previously

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5 easy ways to boost career confidence at Christmas

How’s work? More specifically, how’s your career confidence doing? 66% of women experience a slump in career confidence in the run-up to Christmas. Curious isn’t it. 66%* of women experience

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How to sort out your work-life balance

Throughout November, I surveyed women to ask them about the most important workplace challenges that they faced, including work-life balance. Work-life balance is the biggest workplace challenge Three

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