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Six insightful questions to get your business on target

It’s September. 2/3 through the calendar year. A crispness in the air after the summer heat. For some business mums, life has slowed down during the school holidays and now it’s time to get back into the work routine. Time to crack on and get your business on target for your 2016 goals.

What to ask yourself to get your business on target

If you are worrying that your business is not on target, that you are not going to meet your 2016 goals, you still have four whole months left in 2016. You can achieve a huge amount in four months. Two years ago, I transformed my business in four months so I know it can be done. First decide that you want to get your business on target.

Then ask yourself the six insightful questions below.

1 – How clear is my goal?

In order to achieve a goal, you need to be very clear what that goal is. Sounds obvious. Often the business mums I talk to only have a vague goal. “I want a successful business” or “I want more clients” or “I want to replace my full-time salary”.

A more effective goal is specific, personal and time-boxed. I’m sure you’ve heard of setting SMART goals – this concept is popular because it works. The more specific your goal, the more likely you are to achieve it because everything you do and create will be aimed at something very specific rather than something very big and vague.

2 – Do I have a clear plan?

It’s all very well having a SMART goal however you also need to a clear plan to reach your goal. A smart business woman with a SMART goal needs a smart plan. Your smart plan has a very clear final outcome however you need milestones too. For example, jumping from 1 client a month to 50 clients a month to achieve your financial goals is a big jump. If the plan feels unrealistic, it’s not going to happen.

Your plan needs to be clear; have focus; include milestones; feel achievable and make good business sense. Not sure? Talk to another smart business woman. Very often just talking through your plan will help you to see any shortcomings but also can help recognise untapped opportunities.

Create a clear plan or review the one you have.

3 – Am I doing too much?

When I talk about doing too much, it’s not how much work you are doing, but how many different ways you are working. For example, social media. If you are a one-woman business, you may be trying to build a presence on your blog, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon  …. STOP. Stop for goodness sake.

When it comes to social media and marketing activities, what makes the most sense … where is your target audience? It is far better to do one social media activity brilliantly than 5 or 6 in a mediocre fashion.

Ask yourself every day “what can I do today that will make the biggest difference to achieving my goals”. And if you catch yourself wasting time on Facebook or Twitter, “how is this helping me to achieve my goals”.

4- What impact do I want to make?

If you are confused about what social media activity to focus on, and your goals are a little muddy, or your plan is not crystal clear, maybe it’s because you are unclear about the impact that you want to make. Get clarity on the impact that you want to make in the world and you will get clearer on everything else. For example, the impact that I want: for children to have happy memories of family life. I do that by helping women (their mothers) feel powerful. When women have clarity and confidence, they feel powerful. This allows them to be the mother they want to be. Thus creating happy memories for their children.

Take time to reflect on the impact that you want to make.

5 – Where do I need more support?

We all need support in our lives. Some of us (me included) find it difficult to ask for help. Perhaps (ahem) we see it as a sign of weakness. See it instead as a sign of strength. None of the top business women or top sports women or top celebrities do it on their own. You’ve seen all the Olympic athletes praising the team behind them. You deserve a team behind you. Now that could be an accountability buddy; or a virtual assistant; or a coach; a mentor; a supportive Facebook group (such as The Confident Mother Means Business); or a social media manager.

Reflect on who is supporting you right now and where else you could do with more support. Then go and get it.

6 – What am I too scared to do?

Very often, the one thing that will make the most impact is the one thing that you are too scared to do. Sometimes you just have to feel the fear and do it anyway (courtesy of Susan Jeffers). For example, I’ve got a thing about making telephone calls. I don’t know why. Yet when I do make those telephone calls, they are ALWAYS much better than I anticipated. Then I feel fantastic. “This is easy. I can do this again and again.”

There will only ever be one first time. It doesn’t matter if the first time has mistakes or goes wrong. It’s your first time. Relax. It’s ok to not feel confident, to feel anxious or scared. However if you want to get your business on target, you’ve got to do that thing the first time (whether that’s writing your first newsletter, writing your first blog post, asking for help, picking up the telephone).

Over to you …

Now that I have shared six insightful questions to ask yourself to get your business on target, it’s over to you. With four months of the year still to go, you have time to get your business on target for your goals. However it does require you to take action. I would just love you to take 15-20 minutes of quiet time to ask yourself these questions. Be honest. Be open. Write down your answers.

If you are stuck, feeling overwhelmed or you’d simply like to talk things through with a like-minded business woman, I have time available over the next couple of weeks and I’m opening up my diary for conversations. A simple conversation with me might be all you need. I’ll help as much as I can in the conversation, and if you want to take it further we can talk about that too. No pressure (after all you’ve only just got the children back to school).

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