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How to have an amazing year

How to have an amazing year in 2017 couldn’t be easier. You just need to get clear on what you really really want in 2017.

But before you do that …

… take time to review your achievements and success in 2016.

One of two things happens to ambitious women at this time of year: they bemoan the fact that they haven’t achieved that goal in 2016 or they are rushing ahead to plan 2017 Download the Sparkle Map. However before you do that, let’s celebrate 2016.

It is important to review your previous year before you create plans for the coming year. This enables you to learn from what worked and what didn’t. What helped your progress and what hindered.

Take time to acknowledge and celebrate your successes 1초에 한방울. As well as identify your mistakes and learnings. If you’re like one of the women I often talk to, you may well be so busy caught up in the busy-ness of your life, coping with overwhelm and juggling many balls, that you don’t always realise what you have actually accomplished.

How to review 2016

If you are impatient like me, you just want to crack on with your goals for 2017. (By the way, if you want some help with that, you might like my online class on 5 Steps to Successful Goal Setting towards the end of the month). 

When you review 2016, you will be able to identify what changes you need to make to grow in confidence for 2017 ffmpeg exe. It gives you the chance to recognise what to do more of and what to do less of.

Let’s get started. First find yourself quiet time and space. Allow at least 20 minutes. Grab a pen and a blank piece of paper. Ask yourself these five questions.

What 2016 goals or intentions did I achieve 2019 기생충 다운로드?

Think about what you have achieved and, just as importantly, how did you achieve those goals or intentions?

What contributed to the success? Who or what supported you? Of the goals you achieved, what was different? Were you more committed to those goals? Were they more important to you? Were they “I want to … ” goals rather than “I should …” goals 황포돛대?

What is your learning from the achievements of those goals? What can you take forward to next year?

What was my biggest success?

What are you most proud of from 2016? What do you think of as your biggest success or win? What was important or special to you about it?

And if you don’t have a biggest success, what’s the reason for that? Are you setting goals that are TOO big air doll? Too much of a stretch?

Or are your goals too easy? Not challenging enough and therefore not inspiring you?

What didn’t go to plan?

Of the goals that you didn’t achieve or the things that didn’t go the way you planned or wanted, or the mistakes you made, what happened? This isn’t about blame – this is about reviewing objectively and learning.

Did you set yourself an audacious goal but no plan to go with it 5th album of Long-Term and Faces? Were you too scared to take the actions required? What was getting in your way? What beliefs or fears are holding you back?

Some might argue that it’s not healthy to brood on things that go wrong, however it is important to understand what went wrong and why, so that you can take those learnings forward to 2017 킹오브곡괭이.

What do I need to do more of? Or less of?

Sometimes when we bury ourselves in work or become overwhelmed by the demands of our career, we forget to focus on what is most important to us.

Now is the time to reflect on whether you spend enough time on what is most important to you. But first, how clear you on what is most important to you 데레스테 곡?

Do you need to worry less? Do you need to plan more? Do you need to spend more time with your children? Do you need to spend less time working?

What have I learned about myself?

What have you learned about yourself over the past 12 months? How do you deal with success? Or failure 이혼합의서? What new skills have you learned?

What have you found surprisingly easy? What was unexpectedly difficult? What can you take forward from the goals you achieved and how you achieved them?

Have an amazing year in 2017

When you have reviewed 2016, you will have all the learnings and inspiration you need to plan an amazing year in 2017.

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