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We spend more time planning our holidays than our businesses!

It’s that time of year again … holidays.

I always use a trusted travel provider, she, like us has her own business and I want to support her, but I use her services for a deeper reason. To take the pressure off the search!  Success with ease, she helps me choosing venue, location, flights checking me in, printing boarding cards etc. etc. I wouldn’t go without her help!  She is part of my TEAM!

However, every year when I go through the process and even though I have support – I do relate booking a holiday to running a business.

In my experience, we spend more time planning our one or two weeks holiday than our business.  A 7 or 14-day trip is planned to the minute detail.

We know:

  • Which country we are going to visit
  • The date we are going on holiday
  • The airport we are flying from for our holiday
  • The name of the airline we are flying with
  • The times of our flight departure and arrival in resort
  • Our flight numbers
  • The length of our flight
  • How we are getting to the hotel – whether we are hiring a car, getting a taxi or have booked a coach transfer
  • We know how long the transfer to our accommodation takes
  • The name and location of the hotel or chosen accommodation
  • The name of the resort we are staying in
  • Whether we booked self-catering, bed and breakfast, half board, full board or all inclusive
  • The facilities the resort has to offer – including pools, bars and restaurants, gym, spa, shops, cinema, wi-fi etc.
  • How far the beach is from our accommodation and is it sandy or pebbly!
  • The purpose of our holiday – whether it is to fly and flop, to have adventure or to take part in action packed sports
  • The excursions that take our fancy – boat trips, historical and sight-seeing trips, sporting activities
  • Which bars and restaurants take our fancy in the resort
  • What currency we need and the exchange rate at the time of our holiday
  • If we need a visa for our chosen country
  • The details of our holiday insurance
  • If we need injections for our chosen destination
  • The time difference from BST
  • What trip advisor has to say about our chosen location, hotel and resort
  • What books we are going to take to read
  • Which outfits we are going to take …

Etc, etc, etc! The list goes on!To do list

Why do we know every detail?

Why do we plan to the last detail? Why do we care? Because we have a holiday once a year (on average) and we want to make every minute count.  We work hard so we look forward to our downtime. We deserve it.

So, let’s flip this around and ask this question, do you plan your businesses to this level of detail?

Do you know …

  • How much your business took year by year and month by month since you started:
    • In Sales
    • In Profit
    • And the cost of sales on a monthly basis?
  • The sales targets for the next 3, 6, 9 and 12 months?
  • The cash flow forecast for the next 3, 6, 9 and 12 months?
  • Your conversion strategy
    • How many clients you are targeting
    • The products you will sell
    • The leads you need to create – where do your clients come from?
    • The conversion rate

Do you have:

  • A mission statement
    The big dream for your vision and your life, what you want to create, who you want to help and the biggest problem that you solve.
  • A vision statement or board
    What do you want your business to give you? how do you want to spend your time?
  • A business plan
    The goals you have for your business.
  • A marketing plan

How you are going to market these goals to the world

  • Is your funnel working?
  • Do you have plans for your website and SEO?
  • What advertising, networking, speaking, PR, JV, affiliate schemes, referral schemes are you going to undertake and when.A communication strategy?
    How you are going to communicate these goals to the world?

    • A social media plan
    • Data capture and email list
    • A networking plan
  • A sales strategy?
    • Are you consistently reviewing your goods and services to your client’s needs?
    • Are your products and services performing as well as they could?
    • Is there anything that you need to adjust / review

Do you know:

  • Market trends that will affect your business on an:
    • Economic
    • Social
    • Psychological
    • Financial
  • Social media trends
    • What is Mr Zuckerberg up to that may have an impact?
    • How are you using each channel to create and leverage growth?
    • What changes are afoot that will affect your business?
  • Stories
    • Any PR hooks that are on trend in your market that your business can capitalise on?
  • Competitor analysis
    • Who are they?
    • Did anyone new enter the market who had an impact? Why? What are they doing differently?
  • Client management systems
    • Are you processes defined and consistent?
    • Are your insurances current and adequate?
    • Are your premises serving your needs?
    • What IT systems do you have in place?
    • What support do you have – what TEAM?
  • Upskilling
    • What do you need to learn in your industry to take you to the next level?
    • What events do you need to attend?
    • Certificates you need to refresh?

And again, the list can go on.

I cannot put my hand on my heart and say I tick all of these boxes all of the time – but I do have a good handle on them.

We need to define our business model.

We need to know the direction our business is going in, we need to have a plan, we need to know our why then we can figure out our how.

We need to have time to reflect and retreat, we need to set goals and not just intentions, we need to make these goals reasonable and achievable and keep track of them.

We need to measure our success based on what success looks like to you.  We need to calculate our successes one step at a time.

We need to convey our message loudly and proudly.

Just like our holidays for maximum return, for maximum leverage, maximum growth and enjoyment we need to plan our businesses.  We need to know where we are today in relation to tomorrow.

Jo Soley is a super organised, highly experienced Business Angel specialising in Business Development, PR and Heart-Centred Marketing; helps female heart-centred entrepreneurs who are overwhelmed with their marketing to attract more clients and make their business easy

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