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Affiliate Amazon FBA Review: Your Insider Guide to This Program

You may have used e-commerce giant Amazon’s FBA – or Fulfillment by Amazon – service to sell your products. However, as much as Amazon’s FBA service lets you earn some money in exchange for letting them package and ship those products to your customers, you wouldn’t want to rely on it alone. You might thus want to become an Amazon affiliate via their Associates program which lets you earn up to ten percent commission after selling other products that aren’t yours as carried by the said online retailer. But as it’s your first time to sign up for Amazon’s affiliate program, you’ll want to take a look at this insider guide detailing how you can make a profit from it as follows:

  1. Carefully choose which products to resell.

The amount of commission that you’ll receive after having registered yourself successfully to Amazon’s affiliate program would largely depend on the kind of products that you’ll resell. Thus, if you’re aiming to earn the maximum ten percent commission that the said program can give you, you might want to resell digital video games and luxury beauty products. On the other hand, you might want to avoid reselling wine as it won’t earn you any commission at all.

However, you’ll also want to resell other products that closely relate to those you made on your own. For instance, you wouldn’t want to resell some household power tools if you’re selling jewelry that you made with your own hands.

2. Figure out which online platform to use so that you can more efficiently resell other products.

Once you’ve chosen the products that you’ll resell, you should then figure out whether you’re going to run a blog, host a website, send an email newsletter, or open social media accounts where you can promote them. You should identify which among those online platforms have the most number of visitors who you can turn into buyers

3. Use the right keywords to encourage people to buy any products that you’re reselling.

After you’ve decided which online platform you want to promote the products you’re re-selling as part of Amazon’s affiliate program, you’ll then want its visitors to click on the Amazon affiliate links leading to those products. However, you can’t make any money on visitor clicks alone.

Thus, you’ll have to make sure that any content relating to the products that you’re reselling has keywords in it that are long-tail, highly specific, and tailor-fit to suit the needs of your business’s target customers.


Even if you’re already making products of your own and using Amazon’s FBA service to have them more efficiently packaged and shipped to your customers, you’ll want to resell other products as well by enrolling in Amazon’s Associates program so that you can increase your business’s revenue. Ever since it first got its start in 1998, the said affiliate program has been helping product resellers earn significant income after partnering up with Amazon. The above insider guide to Amazon’s Associates program should help you get into it faster so that you can make more money reselling products online. For more information on Amazon’s Associates program, you can head over to Entrepreneur Journal Review and read up on it there.


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