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20 Reasons why you need to stop stressing about Business Success: 

  1. The stresses of business success are simply not in the same category as some of the horrible and sad things that can happen to us in life, serious illness, loss of a loved one for example. We chose to be in business, and we can choose to get out if it does not make us happy.   While the odd crisis may give us reason to stress, stressing about success is self-created stress and utterly pointless.  There are various reasons we do it, but all simply make ourselves miserable for no good reason 퀸 전집.
  2. The best-laid plans, business and otherwise, go askew. There are forces in life that can’t be controlled.  So worrying about the future is a completely pointless occupation.
  3. We do it when we fall into the trap of comparing ourselves to others. We start judging ourselves as not as good as our friends, colleagues, role models and stress about the future.  But we forget a vital point – we are not them and they are not us.  Every single one of us is different, so we should never expect the same outcomes as each other Camera 2.0.
  4. We have become more and more prone to perfectionism. And when we try and attain perfectionism – we fall short every time.  We see endless business promotions showing someone on some golden beach, claiming to be raking in the millions, working two hours a day.   The reality of running an SME is not like that –but it is taking its toll.  A new survey of entrepreneurs found that 71% of feel under pressure to live up to a certain image and 74% feel under pressure to seem perfect on social media.
  5. We find change hard, even good change, and this also makes us worry about success in business. What effect will it have if we do or don’t attain it?  This is again a worry on a “what if” and the only thing we can be certain of is that businesses don’t stay still Download the prototype.
  6. The other big reason we stress about business success is because we find change hard. Even good change.   And the reality is that businesses do not stay still.   So we stress about the “what ifs”, the might happens.  We try and regain a level of control that is never going to be possible.
  7. Trying to control what happens turns us into ferocious over planers. There is a great Warren Buffet quote that goes “I don’t try and leap 7 feet high poles, I try 1 foot ones”.   While you need a clear mission for your business, obsessing about that concept is too great for everyday focus.   Far better to concentrate on the little steps, celebrate their successes and enjoy the journey.  The overall plan is just an idea when all is said and done.  The reality is here, today Download Jindo Arirang.
  8. Life doesn’t run according to plan. Governments will influence the economy, change the exchange rates; needs for your goods and services will change over time;  the whole package from your staff, suppliers and customers, is by nature changeable.   We too will change.  What makes us happy at 20 will almost certainly be different from what makes us happy at 30 or 40.  We do not know what will happen in our private lives to influence our attitudes towards our businesses in the future.
  9. Stressing about hypotheticals is the equivalent of letting our mind run out of control.   In countless studies on developing resilience it has been shown that it is the people with balance, who concentrate on getting a job done, but do not waste energy on possible outcomes are the ones you survive best.  Try and live instead by that great maxim “ Life is 10% about what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it”
  10. Stressing about anything – including business success – can be appallingly bad for you physically 말레피센트 다운로드. In the short term, it causes you sleep deprivation, heightened blood pressure.  In the mid to long term it can be a killer.  When the brain registers stress, it releases chemicals into the system that actually affect the way our key organs function.    No business is worth damaging your health.
  11. When you are suffering from unhealthy levels of stress, it affects the way we function. We are more prone to forget things.  Our minds are not as clear.  Our judgment becomes clouded.  Our emotional controls are way, way out the window.  Our energy levels are depleted.   Stressing is also a prime self-sabotage.  We are far less likely to succeed if we are physically and mentally below par kt CallManager.
  12. Stress reduces us to a fearful state where we worry about what might happen all the time. Entrepreneurs have to be bold and fearless and courageous.  Put simply – you won’t be successful if you stress about it.
  13. When we let our minds run amok on stress, the rest of our lives are likely to suffer. Relationships with partners, children, friends are all going to suffer from our erratic emotional, stressed out state 마이크로소프트 엑셀 2010 무료 다운로드.
  14. We tend to get what we focus on in life; that is the law of attraction. When we are stressing, we are focussing on negative things, be they current or future possibilities.  When we focus on all this negativity, we tend to create negative results.
  15. Focussing on the negative also encourages us to try and change things that can’t be changed. Far more effective to accept these things.  If, for example, you are poor at detail, find a right hand who is brilliant at it, rather than struggle and beat yourself up.    Accept your weaknesses and play to your strengths Download xcode 7 2.
  16. In looking at how pointless it is to stress about business success, we also need to look at the definition and measurement of that success. We tend to measure business success by wealth, by turnover, staff numbers, public reputation and recognition.   Not one of these brings any guarantee of happiness.   Study after study has proved that once you have enough money to not be beleaguered by money troubles, any additional riches will not bring extra happiness.   Indeed, you can just as unhappy when you are rich.
  17. copyright IndependentIf you have any doubts on that on riches being a good measurement of success, read the story of Emma Slade, successful Cambridge graduate turned international banker, who found her own success and happiness by giving it all up 시벨리우스6. Instead, she became the only Western woman to become a Buddhist nun.  She subsequently united both skill sets founding the charity “Opening your heart to Bhutan”.  Never forget that the definition of a successful, fulfilled life is 100% personal to you.
  18. Turnover or size of business certainly is not going to make you happy. There may be people who gasp in awe at your achievements, but the reality is that you have several times more headaches than the next person, because the business has more capacity to cause them fb.py 다운로드.
  19. The same goes for staff numbers. Ask any beleaguered SME owner and staff will be high on their stress list.   They are difficult to find, costly to train, erratic of performance and in the long run, human beings with lives of their own that will not have the same dedication to the business as you do.  Staff issues can stop your success completely.
  20. Finally, let’s look at public recognition.  If you get happiness from public recognition, you are always going to be unhappy.  The public is a fickle bunch and can be whip away their accolades at any minute.  But worse, the only reason we need recognition and reassurance from others is if we do not like or are not at peace with who we are ourselves.  Stop stressing about business success.  Concentrate instead on sorting yourself out.   Find happiness in the simple things;  in nature, in laughter, in a stranger’s smile.   And absolutely forget the public recognition.

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