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Top 4 iPhone Apps for Freelance Writers

That iPhone in your hand can do a lot more than make calls.

The modern dynamics of employment are rapidly changing. As we strive to balance work needs and home life, many workers are searching for remote employment opportunities. Today 1 in 3 US workers is classified as a freelance worker. Freelancing is necessary to earn a living and have the flexibility to care for my family. My life is busy running from home to school and all the various practices and appointments my kids have. Since the majority of my life is on the run, I have found several iPhone apps that make it possible for me to run my blog complete from my MacBook or iPhone.

1. Grammarly

It is not just embarrassing but highly unprofessional to submit a piece to a company littered with unsightly grammar and spelling errors. If you do not have a go-to editor on standby to read all your work, then you are left with the option to proofread everything on your own. Self-editing your work can be risky. Most writers feel more secure when a second fresh set of eyes views their work for mistakes. The Grammarly app is like a built-in new pair of eyes on your computer or phone. This app has many helpful features when I am writing longer pieces and when I write emails and texts to businesses. Two of the most beneficial elements, in my opinion, are real-time proofreading and built-in suggestions for synonyms and alternative words. The free app is available as an extension on your browser, or you can upgrade for more features. The upgraded version also allows users to set the app to review for a specific target audience. All it takes is a quick download from the app store, and boom, you have a built-in editor!

2. Canva

While I can quickly think up descriptive story ideas, I am admittedly not the best at editing images. A picture can add a lot to written articles. Since most people will visually review an item before deciding to read an article, I find it necessary to include high-quality graphics with most of my pieces. Since I am not well versed in graphic design, I had to turn to another app for an assist. The Canva is an app that is frequently my go-to choice for social media, newsletters, and editing pictures. The free version has hundreds of photos and text themes available for use. Users can select templates to edit and insert their graphics and text for a few dollars a month. Canva allows me to design anything like my own graphic artist.

3. WordPress

As a freelancer, it is vital to present potential employers with a professional-looking portfolio. A professional website allows you to showcase your talent. It illustrates your goods in services to show companies what you have to offer. What happens when you have little or no work to show? WordPress is a blogging app that can assist you in creating a professional-looking blog without difficulty. If you do not have coding experience, this easy to use blogging app allows you to:

The WordPress app lets you have complete control over your blog from either your phone, tablet, or MacBook.

4. Ahrefs

As a freelance writer, most business owners request that I create blogs that are SEO optimized. Ahrefs has several tools that help writers make their work correctly formatted for SEO, such as:

  • a keyword research tool with a large number of keywords per word
  • traffic estimates for the top 10 pages on any subject in the Keyword explorer
  • keyword difficulty scores that show how difficult it will be to rank for a particular keyword given the competition

Keywords are updated every month to keep your SEO fresh, and you are even able to save your most frequently used words for future reference.

As a freelancer, remote working is one of the huge bonuses. My iPhone and MacBook enable me always to have access to my portfolio. The app store has many noteworthy apps that make my job as a freelancer easier. If you are an iPhone user, be sure to download Grammarly, Canva, and WordPress from the app store to make your life as a Freelancer easier.

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