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The Mindful Traveller

Our lives have been like a fast train speeding through important stations like there is no tomorrow. The pandemic acted like a red light, which soon will turn into green now. So, what have we done at that red light? Were we eagerly waiting to get back on that fast train? Or did we seize the opportunity to look closely at the stations which we missed out? Reflecting, let us look at those stations that we missed…

  1. Self-Compassion

Charity begins at home. Normally our mind goes through 70,000 thoughts per day. In stressful events, it certainly exceeds the number. During these times, our thoughts are filled with self-doubts, fear, insecurity, and anxiety. Imagine being in this state every other day! It is damaging for our self-confidence, and it blocks our hope for a positive future. However, if anxiety can bring the worst thoughts and fears, then faith surely will bring that ray of hope. It is important to remember, there is light at the end of the tunnel. It is darkest before dawn. Let us see how we can start to take one step at a time in this direction.

‘I’ is a just a letter. However, when we are reflecting on ourselves ‘I’ is all that we need, to grow.

As Buddha quoted, ‘What we think, we become’. Repetitively what we say to ourselves is what manifests into reality. Hence it is very important to send positive vibes within so that it manifests itself into positive energy around us. This is an attempt to soothe the mind and bring peace around us and not take it as a process of self-admiration.

  1. Health

When your health suffers, your confidence level goes down and you feel insecure. Likewise, when your mind is not in the right place, it affects your health leading to problems like diabetes, heart disease etc. The energy within needs to be well balanced and free-flowing.

There is a symbiotic relationship between health and mind.

It is very important to reflect now more than before, as to how we are taking care of our health. Only when they work in tandem that you see positive results with regards to your health and immune system.

This needs a certain level of discipline. Because discipline in your day-to-day activities will reflect in your work and other areas of your life.

                                        Make discipline your friend!

Whether it is about exercising, eating right, or spending some relaxed time with family, commit to your commitments.

  1. Meditation

As much as exercise is important to build your health, meditation does the same to your mind. It helps us in organising our thoughts and building emotional endurance. It is very difficult to think clearly with chaos around us. We need a way to manage that. And that is exactly what meditation does to us. It calms our anxious mind and builds that mental power and focus so that we can take the right decisions.

Meditation is not about reaching somewhere or achieving any goals. Nor it is about religion. It is about being present in the moment and bringing in those small shifts in our perceptions towards our lives.

Meditation helps us to acknowledge our experiences and the way they influence our thoughts and emotions.

In the morning, our mind is extremely fresh. Nature wakes us bringing positive energy around like birds chirping, flowers blooming etc. Our body’s ability to absorb this energy is very high. Hence it is important that we start our day by early morning mediation.

4. The Giver

It is as simple as it sounds. Just look around and see if there is any way you can volunteer, help, or give your time, ears, resources to anybody around you. At times it is so easy to forget about others and get busy in your own world. But most often, when we do something for others without expecting anything in return; the satisfaction that you get out of that act is tremendous.

Helping someone in need may be a small gesture to you but it may mean everything to them. It’s a win-win situation.

A heartfelt thank you from the person whom you have helped has the power to heal and to give a big boost to your self-confidence. The energy that is shared here is amazing. There is a unique feeling of accomplishment that cannot be expressed in words.

To sum it up, these tough times have helped us to retrospect and bring simplicity back. Let us not wait for another red light to bring about the change. It is about de-cluttering and prioritising our priorities. Let’s reset ourselves for a sustainable future and spread positive energy around us.

author:  Parnita Senjit

About the Author Parnita Senjit

• Parnita Senjit has been a registered wellness coach for more than 19 years. Apart from this, her creative journey has taken her through being an Interior Designer, a portrait artist, an Author of series Lil' Leo and a Motivational Speaker.