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How Good Are You at Delegating?

All business owners must be constantly looking for new opportunities and possibilities, as success is not defined by accepting a status quo of being satisfied with regular clients and work. Ambitious entrepreneurs will always be identifying ways to expand, to introduce new services or products, to ensure their enterprise is sustainable.

Every business has priorities

Yours may be direct customer interaction, or it may be involved with a certain product or service-related process. On the periphery there are hundreds of individual tasks and jobs that nevertheless need to be addressed, purely to ensure that the business functions on a daily basis.

When first launching your business, you may complete all tasks yourself and you will be very busy, perhaps working into the evenings and at weekends. However, you will reach a point when you have less time to spend generating new business as most of your day is taken-up with operational tasks.

You may begin to worry about business development and how to keep control of operations, maybe thinking that micromanaging is the way to keep on top of everything. However, savvy business owners know they need to work on strategy, focus on bigger goals and delegate day-to-day operations.

Just think. If you go into work every day and have to deal with a mountain of paperwork, manage your social media presence, handle most of your internet marketing, and seem to be constantly reading or replying to e-mails, you are not really making best use of your valuable time. Your time is better spent obtaining new business and generating additional income.

Business marketing and planning

A significant portion of your time needs to be devoted to overall business marketing and planning, looking into the future and preparing for the unexpected. You simply cannot afford to let much of your time be taken up by bookkeeping, admin or basic marketing functions.

Each and every one of the operational tasks is important in its own way, some more so than others. You must ensure that these jobs are completed but you really don’t have to take them on yourself.

So is it time to think about outsourcing?

Consider this. By using your expertise and passion for your business, the income you can bring in is far higher than that you will spend on operational support. Remember also that outsourcing costs are a valid business expense.

However, if you’ve been doing absolutely everything in your business, can you let go?

Can you delegate?

How good are you at trusting others to complete necessary tasks? This can be hard at first, but there are very many trustworthy freelancers available to assist overwhelmed business owners. As these professionals are skilled and experienced in their sector, they will likely take far less time to complete tasks than you anticipate.

Do you have a list of work that you can outsource?

If not, consider a time and motion exercise!

Do this for a week.

In a notebook, on a spreadsheet, in a note app or your diary, record your day-to-day work activities and how much time you spend on each task.

Yes, I know this is off-putting due to being time-consuming, but are you really aware of what you do each day and for how long? Go on, try it…

At the end of the week, spend half an hour to highlight:

  • everything that you’ve done that you find tedious
  • the essential jobs, but which were really time-consuming
  • things that should have been completed, but you just didn’t have time.

The remainder should be the work that you truly enjoyed, that was a productive use of your time, that moved you closer to your goals and that generated new sales or increased revenue.

Do you agree that these are the tasks that you should have been doing more of?

How can you free-up your time to spend more of your week working on your business?

Check out our other blogs for some suggestions on time-blocking, also better organisation and how to achieve perfect time management.

Or, seek out a skilled freelancer who can help you, and start to delegate.


Nancy Benn VA:

About the Author Nancy Benn

As a versatile Virtual Assistant with more than a decade of experience, I help overwhelmed business owners achieve more by assisting with those essential, but time-suck admin tasks that don't directly generate any income or bring in new sales. By providing flexible admin support, I assist and encourage entrepreneurs to focus on doing what they love in their business and what will generate new revenue by identifying tasks that can be delegated and outsourced. Operating virtually, I can work online from anywhere with good Wifi! Initially based on the Notts/Derbys border, since Autumn 2017 I’ve provided seamless assistance and support to entrepreneurs from 12 different homes in Portugal and Spain. After travelling for two years, hubby Rob and I now live next to the Med amongst the orange groves in Valencia, sharing our lives with two dogs and a parrot.