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Presenting Your ‘Game Face’ for Business

Clients and customers start judging your business right from the moment they first hear your company name. This judgement never ceases. Humans are inherently hardwired to form opinions, and if they’re negative, they’re hard to shift.

Nailing your company’s ‘persona’

Most business-owners know how important it is to develop a brand. Preferably, this should reflect your products, services and overall ethos. It should be carried through every aspect of your business practice; from your website and social media, to your brochure and email responses. Essentially, your brand provides the backbone, on which everything else hangs.

But what about your personal brand? Does it matter how you present yourself to others, or is it enough to let your website speak for you?

Getting the game-face on

Make no mistake – your business is you. You’re the one who first came up with the innovative concept. You developed it, nurtured it and made it grow. It’s all down to your hard work and creativity. Therefore, you’ve got to represent it to the max.

This means carrying your brand over to yourself. Before you start panicking, we’re not talking about wearing printed t-shirts, proudly showcasing your company logo and website details (unless you particularly want to). We mean your business ethos and personality.

Things to consider

  • What’s the overall ‘vibe’ of your company? Is it corporate and professional? If so, you’ll need to work on conveying this in your phone delivery, your email replies, your facial expressions and your clothing choices. The same applies if you’re a fresh, funky company or a creative venture.
  • Ascertain what your clients or customers expect. What do your clients want you to be? If they’re spending large sums of money, they’ll need to see a figurehead that’s reliable, approachable, and dedicated to delivering results. How can you convey this in your body language, conversation and attire?
  • Getting yourself in the right frame of mind. Sometimes, it’s as much about embracing the right mindset for yourself as it is for others. For example, a spray of a powerful scent like Bleu de Chanel or a vibrant neck-scarf might help you ‘get into role’, which in turn, creates conviction and believability.
  • Standing out. You’ve probably already developed a brand that stands out from the crowd. But what about you personally? How are you different to the next business-owner? What makes you memorable, and most importantly, likeable?

Getting help

If this sounds like an arduous process, remember that you’re not alone. Countless women in business have found it tricky to develop their ‘business personas’ and get their game-face on. Don’t be afraid to talk to other company owners about this issue (networking events are a great place to start).

Don’t do anything you’re not comfortable with either. If it feels false or inauthentic, this will be conveyed to the customer, which is the opposite of what you’re trying to achieve. Remember, this still needs to be you, just the professional, business-like version of you!
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