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Brilliant gifts for the writer in your life

Stuck for gift ideas for your loved one? Especially stuck for brilliant gifts for the writer in your life? How about some of these stocking fillers?

A beautiful pen

Who doesn’t love pens? I am a pen addict, although most of these are cheap giveaways I have picked up along the way. Many years ago, a husband of mine was a little unthinking and bought me some stuff that showed he hadn’t considered me at all. In return, I bought him a blow-up frog and a Snoopy colouring book. As luck would have it the following year he gave me the most beautiful pen, which I still have some twenty or so years later.

Leather bound journal

This is something I have yearned for over the years and never received one. At one time I would journal in any old book and slowly as the years rolled by I invested in more and more beautiful ones. There is something rather luxurious about writing on high quality paper. Plus pulling out a fabulous journal to share your deepest thoughts makes journaling even more pleasurable.

A weekend of peace

Imagine your writers face when you send him or her off on a weekend just for them to write. It’s difficult sometimes to find the time to write, now they will have no excuses.

Writers retreat

Allied with the above how about extending it to a whole week? I once treated myself to a writer’s retreat, and it was absolutely brilliant. I met another ten people who all wanted to write and to talk writing. While the piece that I wrote never went anywhere, it was a great experience.

Turn one of their pieces into art

Imagine their face when they open up and see a canvas creatively put together with one of their pieces. Nuff said!

Massages or other stiff shoulder treatments

Oh yes. I love having my shoulders massaged after a day of writing. In fact, I just love massages. Everything gets a bit hunched up being bent over a hot keyboard.

A connection to an agent or publisher

How well connected are you? How about you encourage your lovely writer to put together a book proposal and help them to find an agent. If they had to do it, they might get disheartened, but if you could go out and start that ball rolling with your contact list, I bet you would get squeals of delight.

Book cover mock up

Find out what the book is called – you should already know – and get a mock cover design done. Frame it and suggest that it sits on their desk for inspiration.

Your ears

Offer to listen to your writers writing. This is a wonderful way to edit a book and what greater gift than for you to offer to be the one to support the editing process.

Consultation with a book writing coach

Does your writer talk about the lack of direction or motivation? Get them a book coaching package and their book will fly along.

Weekly motivation postcards

Set up a system of motivation postcards. These can be actual cards, emails or videos. This is another great way to keep your writer motivated and inspired.

Fingerless mittens

This is for those times when you writer sits in a cold space and needs to keep their hands warm while being able to write.

That will do for now. It’s all about noticing your writer and understanding her needs. Let me know what ones you choose and the reaction you get on Christmas morning.

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