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The 11 C’s of personal branding, writing and transformation

Writing, transformation and your personal brand are intrinsically linked. I don’t know a better way than through my pen or fingers to the keyboard to discover more about who I am, what I stand for and where I think, in that moment I am heading.

Many people think that they know about the power of words, how writing is transformational and how they can use it to breathe life into their personal brand. Many do it well, they share their stories and we get to know them and want to be a part of their tribe. Others do it less well, they write and it is stilted and formulaic Download Tomica Movie. We have all been there, that starting out stage when we are unsure of what to write and how. Of what to write that will show who we are and why others should connect.

There always has to be a starting point, a place of insecurity and uncertainty. You have to start and it doesn’t matter where or when only that you do. Journeys rarely start at the end, it seems obvious to say, yet we want to know the end so that we can work towards it. A vision will support the end, but sadly unless we can find a way to travel into the future and then make sure no Cosmic interruptions shake that up, things may change 넥슨플러그 2.5 다운로드.

Pens and the flow of unconscious  words can guide us like no other.

You do not need to start with a book in mind, just know that one day it will emerge amongst the litter of many abandoned words. You have to start somewhere and a good place to start is your journal and a blog. One private and one for the world to see.

Writing is one thing, making sense of it quite another. Does it matter if you make sense or as others read it, they make sense, as long as someone does?

When I was growing up I wanted to be on the stage at Wembley Stadium, with my hands in the air with that two fingered salute and shout those famous words ‘thank you Wembley, I love you’ after delivering an awesome gig 1분만 닥쳐줄래요. The frustrated rock chick in me wanted to belt out songs and for others to be moved by my words. Later I came to realise that although music gets me, it is not my way of reaching into the hearts of others.

What I want to be remembered for is the impact that I make in others lives through inspiring others to find meaning through their stories.

Your stories are your personal brand. Think beyond where you are and what today’s story is. Consider where you want to take others with what you have to say 윈도우7 익스플로러 9. Then ask how you can start positioning yourself for it now?

You are the captainess of your ship, the CEO of your life and your business. That’s a big responsibility and one I know that you both relish and feel nervous about. Don’t hold your breath, rather breathe life into your personal brand with words and stories. Let the breath hit the sails and chart a course for success. Ask yourself what is the brand of your business, why does it do what it does, what value does it offer, what are it’s values, why does it exist and why does it seek to occupy space in the minds of its customers?

Ask yourself what is the brand story for your business? Why does it tell its story that way and why does the story flow the way that it does? What value does it offer, what are its values, why does it exist and why does it seek to occupy space in the minds of its customers 심플 뮤직?

The 11 C’s of personal branding, writing and transformation

This is a journey without end. Once you know the power of your pen and have faith that it will always reveal what you need to know you will want to continue. From journal to blog to book, creating impact in your life so that you support others to do the same.


Writing in any form is cathartic. As you write your journal, blog or book, your words will change you, as will the process you go through. This will be reflected in your personal brand Download Old Pop.


Writing gives you clarity. The process of writing will clear the path to creating clarity around your brand.


Writing which reveals your soul and spirit connects you emotionally to your community. Everything is about emotional connection.


Going through the fear and lack of self-belief process and coming out the other side as a person with a stonking personal brand is amazing for your inner confidence.


Once it is clear who you are, what your personal brand stands for, you can create compelling reasons for others to work with you 그림판 무료 다운로드. These compelling reasons are your why and how you will make an impact.


You are an expert. The trouble is you probably take all of your ‘knowledge, skills and experience’ for granted and assume that everyone else can do what you do too. They don’t. Take time to acknowledge that you are a subject matter expert. Exploring what you know through your journal is a fast track to competence awareness. I often forget what I know…


Words build credibility, not only for yourself, but as your confidence grows, in others 2008 Language Pack. A carefully considered personal brand, which has a book and a blog gives you a wonderful level of credibility. It provides proof that you are an ‘author’ity on your subject.

Competitive advantage

By sharing your words in whatever way you desire, you will be demonstrating your competitive advantage through differentiation. You cannot possibly be the same as anyone else if you are exploring and sharing your stories.

Change agent

Words change lives and writing will enable to uncover what the impact you want to make is. By carefully crafting your brand you not only become clear the impact you want to make (change one), your brand will show others how they can too make an impact 카카오티비 동영상.

Convert – leads to customers

When others know what your brand stands for, they will want to work with you. They will want to experience your magic in their lives. A book and a blog are brilliant marketing tools. A book is so much more than your business card, it provides a wow introduction. It works for you while you sleep and prepares your market for you.


Your book is only one way to say what you do. You can use your words and the stuff that you know to create workshops, online courses, videos, mastermind groups, the ideas are endless Download the Internet YouTube video.

Your action: Invest in some beautiful journals and pens that you will enjoy writing with. Find a great place to write and… explore with your pen. Use your musings to create your blogs and from there start thinking about turning your personal story into a book.

Your first journaling exercise is – What do the 11 c’s mean to you?


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