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Which book does your heart want you to write?

Listen to your heart and connect to the book you want to write. That rather goes against all of the ‘good’ advice out there on books, doesn’t it? Shouldn’t you write a book that is good for your business? What if you could do both? What if you could find a way to write a book from your heart rather than what you have been told you should write 멤피스 벨 다운로드?

What will it mean to you to write the right book for you, that comes from your heart and not your head?

A few years ago, I would have suggested that your book, must be written to build your personal brand. I still believe that, however, I believe that you need to think outside of the box and write something that does that in a different way.

Take, for example, my this years heart project is called Puppy with no name Download Esmemo. It’s a piece of fiction or creative life writing as I like to call it. It’s written in the first person, and I am puppy. I know, how do you get inside a puppy’s head? There are aspects of my life in puppy’s story, and this is another way that I have chosen to share how to turn your personal story into a book. For me then this book is in keeping with what I do, albeit in a different way Download grape remote control.

Listening to your heart is connecting to your inner wisdom and insight. Your heart knows you and what your soul purpose is, but which may be hidden from the unconscious you. When you are ungrounded and unbalanced, your connection to you will waiver. Think of listening like tuning into a radio station, you need to fiddle with the dial until you get a clear and strong signal ctfmon 다운로드.

To get to the inner you, switch off the noise in your head and feel your way through your body. Place your hand on your heart and ask. Feeling can be difficult for many who naturally connect to their heads, and always question what is going on. I know because my head is often full of ideas and crazy things to do and I have to slow it down, take a walk, listen to a guided meditation, and breathe into feeling through my body vgl 공략집 다운로드. It’s getting easier. Sometimes I wish I could get paid for all of the ideas that I have, I could just sit here and spout… Switching off the noise brings me to balance.

Being balanced is being grounded. Being grounded is about feeling connected and having a connection with the present, with the core of who you are and staying centred on what is your what, to quote the title of Steve Olshers book 토르 천둥의신 자막. When you are grounded and open to the universe, you become a channel for universal energy to connect to.

Stop for a moment and feel where you are, feel into your heart, what do you notice?

Being connected to your divine inner wisdom means that you are listening in an inattentive yet focused way to what your body, heart and soul needs Microsoft Windows 10 pro. When this happens you allow yourself to become connected to nothing and everything and at the same time be open to ideas and imaginations, which will fuel your heart book.

Being connected to your divine inner wisdom is also about accepting and loving you, who you are and what you represent in the world. When you take responsibility for you and your feelings and live from your heart, you gain personal power Free download of Hangul Office. This takes faith.

When you have faith in who you are and feel connected to your purpose you have power. There are too many people out there, well-intentioned or otherwise who make it their business to tell you what they think you should be doing, including what book you should write. I say do something different.

Writing the right (different) book

To write the right and different book for you, you need to connect to your heart and listen to what it is whispering to you Download the end note x5. Of course, there is nothing wrong with writing a book about nutritional healing, but what if your purpose were to connect to postmenopausal women and empower them through great nutrition to live amazing lives. Take that a step further, what if that book was done in the style of creative life writing/fiction? That would be a very different book and one that was still on brand 스케치업 2016 32bit 크랙.

Listen, what do you hear, see and feel. How does it feel to jump out of your book writing comfort zone?

Let me tell you what it feels like. Scary in an exciting way. I know because that’s what it feels like for me. I’m liking the excitement and you might too.

After you have tuned in, you need to feel that this is the right book. By that I mean not a book that you can write in 30 or 120 days, but a book that may take a bit more time, but FEELS really connected to you and makes you smile when you think about getting it out there. Go on do it! Write a different book.

Create a vision of what having this heart centred book will mean to your life and personal brand.

Take action. Grab a pen and paper and write the title of this book, no thinking – just write. Follow that with what it is about, why you are writing it, who is your one reader and what will this mean to your personal brand?.

Expand that. What other products and services can you build around it? Let go of ordinary and let the ideas flow.

If and when you are ready, I am here to help you get those crazy ideas out of your head, connect to your heart so that you get the best book for you.

What will it mean to you to write the right (different) book for you?

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