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The 4 Essential Daily Activities That You Must Do In Order To Grow Your Online Business!

It is so easy to get caught up in busy work when you are in business…

Especially as a solopreneur who has to do everything themselves…

The tendency becomes to hide away behind all the tech stuff and the back end stuff that does not get you in front of more customers…

And unfortunately, it feels busy, incredibly busy and so you think you should be getting somewhere but you are not! And that can get pretty frustrating.

Can I help you simplify your daily tasks?

Because you are not paid to have a perfectly functioning business, you are paid to serve as many people as you can with the time you have and then you can pay someone else to make your business a lot more streamlined.

So, here are the only 4 things you need to do everyday or at least, make them the first 4 things you do every single day before you do any of the business beautifying things that you may have been spending far too much of your time on.

  1. Mindset Work

Yes, it is as woo woo as it sounds and yet, without it, many an entrepreneur has been caught up, trapped on the hamster wheel going absolutely nowhere!  Why?  Because your actions are linked to your thoughts.

If your thoughts are not in the right place, you will never ever, EVER create the success you want.

OK, so what does mindset work look like?

Everyday, you get your journal out and you write down the big idea, you see it in your mind’s eye – All the people who are buying your stuff and getting he support they want from the purchase, all the toys your money will buy for you and for your family, how you will feel when it is all happening and you can even plan out your business as well.  Write down what kind of daily actions someone like you who makes lots of money and serves lots of people in business does to make it a reality and then, get to work actually making it happen.

I need you to understand that without taking the time to map all of this out each day, you will be spinning wheels doing the same old stuff and getting nowhere fast.  You see lots of people like that every day – WORKING REALLY HARD but getting nowhere because they do not think they can get anywhere and so they get exactly what they expect!

Do not be that person.  Map out the big vision and make sure your actions are taking you there, not keeping you still.

  1. Communicate

Every day, you show up and you communicate with your people!  Whether through a blog, a video, a livestream, an advert, quote images or a combination of all the above.

This is an absolute must.

In order to get the attention of people likely to buy from you, YOU HAVE TO COMMUNICATE daily.

  1. Capture

Grab those contact details – Either by using a social media platform.  So pick one where your people are likely to be.

OR by building a mailing list.  The truth is, it is not either/or, it really is ‘AND’ – Do both.  Do both every single day – Grow that audience every day!

  1. Close

This means offer something for sale everyday.  It is incredible the number of entrepreneurs not offering anything for sale every single day.  They write blogs and go into groups and communicate, communicate, communicate but they are too scared to offer anything for sale, leading to NO SALES!!!!

Be done with that!

Offer something for sale at the end of every blog, every video (not every quote image!) and also have posts written up specifically offering something for sale.

Do it now!

And that is it.

The four things you must do daily.

Keep them up, you will impact more people and make more sales.

Fight for, deliberately design the life you are born to live.

Because you want to!

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