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The book that changed my life – Tapping into your divine inner wisdom

All of the books I have written have usually been about some aspect of my business. Tapping Into Your Divine Inner Wisdom did not seem an obvious book to write. At least at first. I can see very clearly why I wrote all of my other books and how they have supported said writing coaching business. I use them for courses, coaching, and retreats.

Then something happened to me, and I found myself in pain, unable to work and wondering what next?

The what next was to be discovered in the quiet spaces that had to be created to heal, I learned how to tap into my divine inner wisdom.

Tapping Into Your Divine Inner Wisdom

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There was nothing that I didn’t know; it was just that the hustle and bustle of life had taught me how to not listen and how to not trust what I heard. In not listening or trusting I missed so much. Now living with pain, I had no choice. The book Tapping Into Your Divine Inner Wisdom was born because I had to listen to what my mind, body, soul and spirit were saying to me.

I struggled, I truly did. I struggled with people who looked on and thought I should just get up and carry on. I doubt for one moment that they can imagine living with pain that stops you even being able to sit in one place for more than a few minutes without it torturing you. Laying down to sleep hurt, getting back up hurt, walking the dogs hurt, driving the car hurt, putting logs on the fire hurt, even cooking hurt. Yep, everything hurt, and because others couldn’t see the pain, it didn’t exist and that hurt.

There were lessons in that as well. I learned to ignore others and prayed that they would never be in a position where they would be in any pain. I discovered that by covering up things – life and stuff – I had unwittingly contributed to layers of dis-ease in my body. When the doctor told me I had on top of everything else an overactive thyroid, I explored my mind, body, soul and spirit to learn why it had manifested. Then I worked out how I could treat it without drugs or little medical intervention – save the blood tests.

By being brought to a standstill, I learned that some people don’t want to listen to their bodies, they would rather own their illnesses. It started to become apparent that for some, ownership defined them in some way. They would rather shovel shit into their body and ignore the signals as it winces under the burden of further toxins. They would rather think me weird because I cared about my body enough to listen and make changes.

Sitting pondering what the eff I would do with my life stirred something deep inside of me. I learned to have faith and write a book that seemed completely disconnected to my business. I faltered many times. Angst surrounded me. However, what won was said faith and the realisation that I knew a lot of stuff about healing, journaling, intuition, and nutrition.

All that had happened was that over the years was that I had forgotten how to listen. I had forgotten how to tap into my divine inner wisdom.

Writing Tapping Into Your Divine Inner Wisdom reminded me of the lost art of self-healing, faith and self-love.

I trusted and wrote. I followed my advice about how to plan and pen my book. I got on with writing. I freaked out often. I carried on. Each time I did something for me, I wrote about it. My body, it’s dis-eases and pain were guiding my healing and guiding my book.

Still, I freaked. How would I use this book in my business? I kept saying to myself; I help people to write books, and this is not about writing a book. It’s not – it’s about healing.

At the same time as writing this book, I also decided to study naturopathic nutrition. I had previously studied nutrition (and other healing modalities), and it was something that had fascinated me from an early age. Whenever I felt out of kilter, I’d look to nutrition and energy medicine to provide me with answers. Plus, I figured I could offer nutritional therapy as an in-person business where I lived. Oh yes, indeedy I could do both.

It all started to make sense or so it seemed.

Out of the blue messages

Out of the blue after turning many would-be authors down, a wonderful lady contacted me. When I read her work, I knew that I had to work with her. I hadn’t taken on a client for over eight months, and I’d told myself that I was moving in a new direction, so it was best not to.

After our initial consultation, I was excited, and I knew that book writing coaching was and always will be in my blood. All that had happened was that I needed to work on me and my personal story. When my lovely new client told me that she had to write her book, and it wanted to be written, I realised that my book had also wanted to be written. Both of us looked at our books as separate from us, but with a knowing that it would all work out. I looked at the business this beautiful soul was in and could immediately see how her book would be perfect. It was a no-brainer. Why I wondered could I not see where my book fitted?

The following morning, I realised that my book fitted because I was meant to write a book (or in my case books) that would show women (my preferred audience) that they can write about what is deeply personal to them and that it can fit as a business book. A book around which they can coach, teach and inspire.

The books that are a part of the Conscious Women Guide series have inspired me to be a better person; they have enabled me to become more conscious, and they are to be used to encourage others to trust that they can (and should) write the book that wants to emerge from their souls.

As for me, I retain my faith that this book and my journey were meant to be. It has indeed changed my life.

My books

Writing to Heal and Plan your non-fiction book in a weekend are about writing, one journaling, and one planning – getting to the book outline. Stolen Petals is a healing memoir that was written for a memoir course. Navigate Executive Leadership was written to preserve the knowledge of the creator of an Executive Leadership course.

Every book has always had a purpose. Every book will always have a purpose. If you have a book that is burning a hole in your heart and is bursting to be written, not matter how diverse, please write it.

Tapping Into Your Divine Inner Wisdom is not yet available. I’m still writing and editing and enjoying every moment.

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