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Three Key Ways To Stay On Track When You Are About Ready To Give Up

Everyone has those days when things are simply not going according to plan.  The money is just not enough.  No one seems to care about what you have to say.  The kitchen sink is blocked up and the children are being incredibly annoying!  You are just about ready to give up!
Except you care too much!
You want so much!
And yuo know you will be back here this time next year, wishing you had just stayed on course to get your dream.
So, how do you keep moving forward when all you want to do is quit?

1 – Remember your why!

Why are you doing this?  What makes it so important to you?  Take a moment, write down your reasons again.  Keep writing until you really hit a nerve inside of you.  I remember having one of my mentors asking me why I was pushing so hard and I said I wanted freedom.  She thought it was too generic and yes, it was.  However, when she asked me why freedom was so important to me, then I got to the heart of why.  Freedom took me and my princesses far away from the childhood I had finally been able to leave behind.  It meant my children would never have to go through what I had had to go through.  They would have a mother present while they grew up.  They would be able to eat bread and milk without searching desperately for it, like I had had to do when money was really tight at home.
Freedom means I have choices.  Freedom means my princesses have choice.  Freedom means everything to me and the tears that ensued as I realised my greatest why meant that I found the courage to keep going forward even though a part of me felt so hopeless.
What is your why?
What will make you keep on pushing through?
Take a moment to write it down.   Don’t stop at the first generic answer that pops into your head – Go deeper!  Why is that first reason important to you?  Why is the second reason important to you?  Keep going, keep digging until you KNOW your why.  And let the knowledge of it cause you to lift your mood and choose to stay on course.

2 – Remember the outcome you want

What is the result of pushing through?  Your bank account will look healthier.  You may be able to travel to more places.  Yo may be able to work from anywhere in the world?  You may be able to buy that dream car for your beloved parent – This could be a why and an outcome!
What is the outcome you want?  How will it feel to have that outcome?  Is it worth it to you to stay on track until you get there?  If you really know that success is inevitable if you stay on track then surely it is worth it for you to stay on track doing the work?
Lots of people settle for instant gratification and quit too soon when things get tough.  Be a maverick.  Get the delayed, usually more substantial, gratification.  Get the big win.  You can only get it by choosing to stay on course.

3 – Take the next step ANYWAY

And if you figure out your why and focus on the outcome and you still feel like not doing anything?  Just do the work anyway!
Sometimes, action is the solution to a bad day!  Action in the direction of your goals can kickstart motivation and inspiration.  Most people mistakenly think that motivation should come first.  It does not!  You get moving and then the motivation to get moving appears.
So, simply ask yourself what the next step is and do it.  I personally keep what I call a ‘daily must’ list and I ensure my clients have it too.  That way, on bad emotional days, there is a baseline of activity I refuse to go below.  That way, I know I am taking steps in the direction of my dreams, even when I don’t feel creative or anything.  In fact, that is how I am writing this post.  I simply did not want to go to bed without having another guest post written and so I focused on the outcome I wanted – A guest post.  I focused on how I wanted to feel as a result of the outcome – Accomplished and productive and I rewarded myself with reading time.  And then even though, I still did not want to write a post, I took the next step anyway.  And now, I feel pretty motivated  Woohoo!
So, how do you get over your funky moods and stay on track?
Fight for, deliberately design the life you are born to live
Because you want to

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