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Taking on New Staff During a Pandemic: A Guide

Hiring new staff is always a long process, one with several methods and adaptations needed. None more so than during a pandemic. Recruiters and businesses alike have had to adapt how they are conducting these processes; moving everything online – if applicable – and streamlining processes to suit the working from home life that many of us find ourselves in at present.

For some, making everything virtual has made things a bit easier. For others, this process has taken some trialling and testing to ensure that they can still successfully hire new staff during this “new normal,” If you are searching for tips when onboarding new staff members in an entirely virtual way, you are in the right place.

Detailed below is a helpful guide for onboarding new hires and making the process a little easier for all parties involved. Go forth with confidence that you are being effective in your efforts to onboard during such a challenging time and read on for more!

  • Be Sure to Have All the Relevant Information: This is of the utmost importance when onboarding at any time, not just during a pandemic. Ensuring that you have all the relevant documentation and information to register your new hire as an employee of the business, before their start date, will ensure that the transition is as smooth as possible. Informing the new hires clearly of what is to be expected of them, and what they should expect of you, should break the ice, and begin the process of building a level of rapport with them. Not to mention, any new job nerves that they might be experiencing should be calmed when informed about what to expect.
  • Meeting the Team: This could be somewhat daunting for any new starter, no matter the company’s size; everyone has been the new starter at some point in their lives and felt like a rabbit in the headlights while in that situation. While this can indeed be a nerve-wracking situation to endure, there are ways that you can make it a bit of a fun and enjoyable event for all parties involved. When wanting to introduce the new hire to the rest of the team in a stress-free way, consider the use of team building events and activities. Virtual events are being offered by companies such as Team Tactics, offering businesses big and small various opportunities to engage as a team, whether for onboarding or for merely hosting a work social. To find out more about how you could use a service like this when inducting a new staff member, head to their website for more.
  • Checking in Regularly: Especially important during a time when a large majority of the population are working from home, it is crucial to send regular messages and to hold regular video meetings too; this helps to maintain a level of communication which would generally be received in a standard work environment. While things will undoubtedly be a bit different to a chat around the water cooler, it helps make things feel a little bit normal, in a world where things are currently far from that.
  • What to Consider: Following the induction, you can discuss any ideas or improvements for the process that you have noticed, with broader members of your team. Speaking directly to someone who has been inducted during this virtual time of our lives, gives you a better understanding of what works, and what will need tweaking as you move forward. Not to mention, building and maintaining communication channels is of importance.

We hope that these suggestions have given you some inspiration on how to move forward with your induction processes. While things are still out of the ordinary, we are hopeful that things should begin to move towards normality in no time. In the meantime, be confident in your abilities; you are doing an excellent job in such challenging circumstances.

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