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Dear Patricia Lynch…

patricia lynchYou called a cunt, a cunt today and apparently it’s national news.

Good on you.

We (women) have tried to take back that word for years. We’ll never own that word, cunt, if people keep getting offended by it 다음팟 동영상. In fact, in Essex and London, cunt is like a full stop, or a sentence opener, if it’s not being used as a greeting.

But here’s the thing Your Honour, you’ve used the c-word against a man and that’s just not cricket.

You should have banged your gavel and added a bit to his sentence, not that the defendant probably understands his sentence; he can’t understand why Nazi salutes and racism is illegal as well as punishable 영문 윈도우 10. That’s why he got his ASBO in the first place.

I doubt he was offended by your comment, which he was using to wound you and make you feel less than a woman.  You did a bang-up job of putting him back into his place, with the language he understood.

Unfortunately someone was offended.

Possibly a woman, very probably a man 시너지. They’ve complained because someone might be upset by your language.

  • Perhaps it was solicitor for the defendant, thinking he’d get some brownie points from his client?
  • Perhaps it was the clerk of the court?
  • One of the police officers on duty?

I can’t imagine anyone of them had never heard the word before, in fact they’d heard it 5 seconds before you said it, from the defendant Download the full episode with God. Who happened to be a man, yet he’s not being hauled over the coals for saying it. The word cunt is only offensive if it is given power. You gave the word no power. You took power from the word and used it right back at the defendant. He understood exactly what you said.

But now you’re being judged yourself and that is not on c Compiler.

The court of public opinion

Is heavily in your favour, you appear to be the judge most in touch with the people. 99% of the population would have responded the way you did. Sadly, it’s the 1% who will judge you.

Patricia, may I call you that? Or is it Your Honour still?

We live in a society where tall poppies are still hacked down 컴퍼니 오브 히어로즈 1. You’re a fantastic role model for women everywhere. You did not take his abuse, you were not a delicate little flower, and being a woman isn’t a crime. Responding the way you did was the only thing this man will understand. Anything else wouldn’t have been understood.

You did a good thing when you spoke back to him in his language 감수성 다운로드.

Now it will probably cost you your career, which is incredibly sad. A man would be slapped on the wrist and back to judging non-payment of council tax.

They’ll be coming for you Patricia. Because if a woman answers back, she don’t know her place. If you’re not offended by the c-word, and you call a cunt a cunt, there is nothing that will stop you 윈도우 미디어 플레이어 9.

You’re not corruptible.

This makes every man who encounters you quake in his boots. How dare you put a racist who abuses women back in his place! How dare you use your voice and your influence to make the world a safer place! Who do you think you are?

They’ll make your life hard, and they’ll make it so that you quit purble place 다운로드.

Please don’t.

When you stood up for yourself in that court, you did not hide behind your authority, you were a person who had just been abused responding to your abuser. You did something amazing for women when you spoke those words. You may have called him a cunt, but what you actually said was “enough”.

And we heard you Download Tropico 6.

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