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Overcoming Obstacles for Work at Home Solopreneurs

Within the giant entrepreneur umbrella is a small group of solopreneurs. They’re diligent and hardworking, but they face some unique issues. When entrepreneurs go through the same events, they’re able to pull on their team for support, schedule time in the future to deal with the problem or step away from the situation and clear their thoughts.

Work at home solopreneurs have none of those options, and still, they succeed!

Prepare to Invest in Your Business

Every day entrepreneurs know that they have to throw money back into their business. But for work at home business owners, especially when it’s a one-person-band situation, it’s easy to feel like you’ve earned every penny that comes your way.

You have earned it, but to keep earning you have to put money back into it. So how can you invest in your business? Choose a content marketing agency to manage your blog or social media account. Or treat yourself to those pricey tickets to the industry’s next big seminar or convention.

Solopreneurs who continuously struggle with improving their business or growing to meet the needs of new clients will not see long term success.

Get a “Real” Office

The whole point of working from home is to not go into an office, right? That’s great in concept, but what do you do with business mail? Do you plan on giving out your cell number? Are you okay with having your information available to the public? It’s best to overcome this obstacle with a virtual office.

You can “rent” an office for less than a hundred pounds a month in a wide variety of cities. Renting a virtual office means that you get a business address for promotional purposes for your business and all calls and business mail will go to that office and then forwarded to you.

Additional benefits of renting a virtual office is that you will keep all your information private and will be able to schedule meetings with clients or host events in meeting rooms as well. So, it’s the option of having access to an actual office whenever you need it.

Look Towards Growth as a Sign of Success

You can earn money every day and still not hit your goals, but that doesn’t spell out failure. In your early months of working from home, and managing your new business, observe your growth.

The slow and steady growth of customers, revenue, and positivity feedback is what will eventually lead to long-term success. Work at home people often feels the need to work through the day until they hit certain milestones. That’s an excellent way to burn yourself out and make it even more difficult to achieve success.

Manage Your Time Like a Boss

Solopreneurs often realize that time management is the biggest obstacle they’ll ever face. Many people are competent managers. Many people are competent employees, but very few people can manage to do both at the same time.

When you are officially your own boss, take some time and celebrate. Then get to work like you’re going to fire yourself if you sit around the house in pyjamas all day. There are so many tips, tricks, and methods for managing your time.

Explore the time management tools available and see what works for you. Many people have resounding success with the Pomodoro technique, and with apps such as Flowtime, it’s easy to track your time blocks too. Similarly, you can use an app that tracks your time just as if you were punching a time clock to ensure that you keep a reasonable work-life balance.

You can use other tools to eliminate the strain of daily duties. Solopreneurs are notorious for wanting to do everything themselves. Turning to technology solutions makes it easier to delegate out tasks. Try Hootsuite to eliminate time spent planning social media posts each day. Another time-saving tool is Calendly, which reduces email buildup and shows a clear schedule for all your meetings.

Focus on Personal Development

You’ve probably worked for companies that poured tens of thousands every year into developing their employees. From allowing them to attend webinars on the clock, or encouraging staff members to attend industry get-togethers, you probably received a fair bit of development for free.

Personal development doesn’t have to come at a high cost, and there are many free resources available — schedule time to attend a Franklin Covey webcast that interests you. Or, find a podcast that helps you improve your life and keep a positive mindset.

Many of these people either work remotely or work from home and understand the struggle of being either alone or surrounded by children all day. Personal development can help you keep your sanity and grow as an entrepreneur.

Vanessa Madison is a Success Manager at YourCityOffice and in her spare time writes about travelling, real estate and everything about small to medium-sized businesses.

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