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Love With Ease: The Modern Woman’s Guide to Dating

I couldn’t be single again. I’d be a dating disaster waiting to happen.

I’d want to text and ask if everything is okay when my date was late. I’d break all the rules. Heaven forbid if I had to use a dating app – where would I start with it?

If I was single and in need of dating advice, I’d be hard pushed to find it from my many married friends. How do you find love, get advice and put it into action without becoming a laughing stock, or worse still, the subject of Helen Fielding’s next book?

Love With Ease

It seems that dating coach Andrea Andrews has the answers we’re looking for.

Through a series of simply crafted stories, Andreja explains modern dating and how to get through it, and most importantly what it all means.

Divine Dating

Throughout the book, Andreja shares tips on what is feminine energy and how to harness it for dating success. If you have any questions about the book you are encouraged throughout to contact the author.

She also has a Facebook group here for women on the dating scene who wish to find love.

Who is Love With Ease For?

  • If you’re in your 20s or 30s and looking to make sense of the modern dating scene this is a great place to start.
  • It’s also perfect for the career woman who has focused on her career, and now wishes to return to the dating scene after a break.
  • If you’ve recently broken up with someone and wish to start dating again, Love With Ease will prepare you for the dating world again.

I’d like to add, tongue in cheek, that if you are having a bad day with your hubby and are thinking of getting a divorce, then a read of this will make you count your blessings!

Dating has never been easy, but Love With Ease gives you hope that you’ll manage the dating process much easier.

Love With Ease Links

Amazon US | Amazon UK

Today 16th of March, you can download the book for free on Amazon.


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