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Gut health Part-1

“My gut says that …” A statement which is made so often. A statement made based on a perfect blend of our experiences, instincts and judgements. But it is interesting to note that in so many situations we trust our gut to take decisions. Reasoning happens in the brain. So, why do we listen to our gut? And do we follow our gut when it comes to our own health? I suppose our gut tells us deep within whether we are healthy or not.
Our gut is extremely influential!

Did you know

Did you know that 95% of the feel-good hormones reside in our gut? We have heard about the feel-good hormone – serotonin. These hormones influence our moods and sleeping habits. We all need those “feel good hormones”, the more the merrier.
There is a pathway from the gut to the brain called the “vagus nerve”. This thick nerve is the communication channel between the gut and the brain. It is called the gut-brain axis and it is extremely strong. Before going to any presentation or exam, do you remember going to the bathroom? In some sense, we do take decisions in the brain because the energy acts as an important catalyst towards that decision making process. So now you would begin to understand that if we keep our gut healthy, then the positive energy will reach the brain.
Researchers say stress and anxiety may be related to the gut health.
Good gut health helps:
1. Immune system
2. Influences bone mass
3. Absorb and extract energy from our food
5. Reduce body fat
6. Reduces depression and anxiety etc.
8. Improves calcium absorption
There are around 38 trillion bacteria in the colon, the tract which contains the largest number of bacterial cells! According to a study, these bacterial diversity in the gut is dependent on not just food but also exercise


Exercise is any greater intensity physical activity raising our heart rate and improving our overall fitness and well-being. Our entire system thrives off this routine, including our gut.
The more our body keeps moving and mind remains still; it improves our gut health.
Exercise increases the activity of healthful and helpful bacteria in our gut that support our immune system. It strengthens the lining of the gut, just like the way it does to our heart. It prevents harmful bacteria from invading our body. For example, regular cardio workouts like walking, jogging, climbing steps, cycling, swimming are a great way to increase our heart rate stimulating the natural contraction of our large intestinal muscles while moving the food in a gentle way. Apart from this, it helps to relieve bloating and constipation.

Every day 30 minutes of workout,

Every day 30 minutes of workout, uninterrupted, can make a huge difference in our overall health. This can increase the activity level of our entire system, building our heart rate, increasing the supply of oxygen to every organ, helping them perform their role systematically.
The key mantra of people who exercise regularly is – planning and prioritizing.

They do this by having their week planned and setting up reminders. This helps them to keep their priorities and be consistent towards their health and well-being.
In a nutshell, our system is intricate but beautifully and systematically integrated. Our digestive system which is the focal point for our overall well-being. Starting from the mouth, esophagus, stomach, pancreas, liver, gallbladder, small intestine, colon and lastly rectum, they all work hand in hand. This system not only turns food into energy but also hosts healthy bacteria and microbes protecting us from serious illness and diseases. If any element in this chain struggles, then the other one tries to compensate but takes the overload and eventually gives up. So, to keep this system healthy and running smoothly, it’s your responsibility to ensure that every element needs to play its part. Healthy gut is this beautiful balance between exercise and food.
We will be covering the second part on this topic in our next article.

AUTHOR: Parnita Senjit

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• Parnita Senjit has been a registered wellness coach for more than 19 years. Apart from this, her creative journey has taken her through being an Interior Designer, a portrait artist, an Author of series Lil' Leo and a Motivational Speaker.