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6 Choices You Will Regret in 6 Years

6 Choices You Will Regret In 6 Years

It is so easy to get caught ups down things now, just for the short term instead of choosing to live to your big picture.  Some short term choices can really cause problems in later years.  For example 1)

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10 Ways To Supercharge your List Building

Your business needs a mailing list.  You do know that.  And for 2017, if you are determined to grow your business then you must choose to stop avoiding it! And here are ten ways to help you make it happen

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Unlimited success

4 Ideas That Will Change Your Life & Put You On The Path To Unlimited Success.

1) Intuitive Power I was taught to separate my spirituality from my normal everyday success.  It was not the done thing to refer to God, higher power, universe, intuition and all of that woo woo ‘nonsense’.  In

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What Does Freedom Really Mean?

Everyone is born to live free but not everyone has the courage to create that freedom in their life.  Now, it should follow that as we are born free then it should not be something to fight for but unfortunately,

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Everyone has an opinion, who are you listening to?

Who Are You Listening To?

So, in my business as life and business strategist, I am open about who I am.  I only want the right people in my community, I only want to work with people who I adore and who adore me back.  If I am

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You Are Doing Something That Gets You Minimal Results – Ready To Stop?

You do not realise you are doing it but you are… You do not realise the impact on your life and business but it has a negative impact… You think there is something you are missing and yes

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Yes, You Will Have Trials

Trials come. I mean it is a matter of fact, right?! We all know that that is absolutely the way things tend to work… And it is what you do in those moments that define who you are… Do you

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