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Dream Life Is Hard

It is hard to live your dream

I know you think you are the only on that goes through the darkness but you are not… I know you think that it is harder for you than for others because you have particular challenges but it is not

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Emotional resilience

The ONE THING That Separates the Winners From The Losers In Business

Yes, I get that we are human and business always seems incredibly complicated… We tell ourselves that some people have it and other people don’t… And yes, I suppose in some ways, that can

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5 Things To Stop You Doing Your Real Work & Having THe Impact & Income You Want

You are hungry for more success and for whatever reason, you are not getting it.  Here are seven to eliminate from your life in order to get teh results you want. 1.What do you need to let go of? Some

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How talented are you?

How Talented Are You?

OK, let me put you out of your misery (or maybe you are the confident type who knows your worth, well done you!)… YOU ARE TALENTED ENOUGH for the life you are here to live, the business you are here

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Be Your Best Dman Self


So many demands on the leader… Everyone wants a piece of you… It is tough to say ‘no’ and yet, sometimes you must! If it means you give up your great purpose to fulfil a lesser

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Make client attraction a priority

Make Client Attraction A Critical Priority!

Ok, I am going to come right out and say that you need at least 90 minutes every single day spent solely on marketing if you are going to fill your practice, get more clients, make more money anytime soon… And

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Mental Toughness

You Need Mental Toughness In This Game Of Success

Everyday, you wake up and you have to get back in the fray… You have to be the person that shows up, refuses to quit, does the work even when the results are not immediately present… You have

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