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9 reasons that your webinar sucks

9 reasons why your webinar sucks

It’s been a long time since I’ve thought about a webinar or online program. In fact, it’s a long time since I made an online course or ran a webinar. The reason is Iit all felt a little jarring and

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Motivate Yourself

The book that changed my life – Motivate yourself by Andro Donovan

Another book I adored working on is Motivate Yourself by Andro Donovan. Andro is one of the most ‘motivating’ as you would expect, women I have ever met. All wrapped up in a beautiful, caring soul. Andro

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Escape to the Highlands with Mains of Taymouth

Time away from the stresses and strains of business and everyday life can work wonders for both our physical and emotional health, giving us time to relax, unwind and take perspective on life and I have

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My 5 Tips for Getting Back to Work after a Career Break

Finally, after years of hard graft my career was taking off. I had earned enough stripes to step into Interim Management, master of my own destiny with the promise of new opportunities, challenge, excitement

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patricia lynch

Dear Patricia Lynch…

You called a c***, a c***today and apparently it’s national news. Good on you. We (women) have tried to take back that word for years. We’ll never own that word, c***, if people keep getting

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Grow your online business

The 4 Essential Daily Activities That You Must Do In Order To Grow Your Online Business!

It is so easy to get caught up in busy work when you are in business… Especially as a solopreneur who has to do everything themselves… The tendency becomes to hide away behind all the tech

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Sally Gunnell’s 5 Tips for Business Success

SALLY GUNNELL GUIDES SMALL BUSINESSES ON HOW TO DEFINE, DESIGN AND DRIVE GOLD MEDAL SUCCESS  Athlete and Olympic gold medal winner Sally Gunnell has unveiled the importance of mentoring in sport and business

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