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Lack of focus and mental clarity holding you back in business? Try this

Are you struggling to concentrate? Procrastinating because your mind goes blank and you’re extremely forgetful? If you’re thinking it’s just something that happens with age, then you

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How to sort out your work-life balance

Throughout November, I surveyed women to ask them about the most important workplace challenges that they faced, including work-life balance. Work-life balance is the biggest workplace challenge Three

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The 11 C's of personal branding, writing and transformation

The 11 C’s of personal branding, writing and transformation

Writing, transformation and your personal brand are intrinsically linked. I don’t know a better way than through my pen or fingers to the keyboard to discover more about who I am, what I stand for

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2016 The Year of the Grief Police

All of this, all of social media is meant to make us feel more connected. And we do. We’re  more connected to our politicians thanks to Twitter. Not only can we mock them for their very human fallacies,

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The Beginning...

Writing a book? Start with the proposal.

Every now and again I run a free 10-day business book proposal challenge, and it is ace. Why is it ace? For me, because it’s enormous fun and I get to meet loads of great people with interesting

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Are you one of the ‘missing’ women?

I spent the whole of Tuesday discussing the missing women. Tuesday afternoon with a UK bank discussing their strategy to comply with the Women in Finance charter followed by an invitation to CMI headquarters

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How to handle Christmas conflict - Jane Travis

How To Handle Christmas Conflict

Christmas is a wonderful time, isn't it?  All twinkles and Baileys and mince pies, 'Ho Ho Ho!'s and peace to all men (and women). But back in the real world, it can be a time of enormous stress.​Family

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