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Average Cost of Raising a Child – Where Does the Money Go?

Bringing up children is something that could be considered priceless. Being a parent is one of the most worthwhile things a person could spend their life doing. Having said that, there are many individuals

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Are You Overcommitted? How to Cut Back and Live a Simpler Life

There are so many rich experiences life has to offer us. Between work, volunteering, hobbies, sports and leisure, it is easy to book too much in and be constantly on the go without a moment to ourselves.

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Are You or Your Actions Encouraging Your Child’s Attitude of Entitlement?

Without question, we want our children to grow up knowing they are loved and valued. As parents, this is our constant goal, and it is an honorable one. But what happens when our child develops an attitude

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Are You Manipulating People without Realizing It?

It is generally our intention to communicate in the best way possible with those around us. Very few of us intentionally set out to manipulate people in any way. But when we want something really badly,

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11 SEO Friendly Pinterest Tips 

Like most online marketing, it’s important to understand how to maximize search engine optimization so that you can get the most out of your time using the channel for marketing purposes. You can

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Are You Holding Your Kids Accountable?

Every child, even at their best of times, has moments where they need to be held accountable. It is our tendency as humans to get away with what we can, and children are not exempt from this. In fact,

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Are You Giving Your Child Enough Responsibility?

As parents, we all want our children to someday become responsible adults. On the other end of the spectrum, we don’t want to force our children to grow up too quickly. There is a balance, but how do

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