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Grenfell Towers Donations & Thoughts

Sending Love to the Grenfell Tower SurvivorsI cannot imagine what the families in Grenfell Towers have gone through.

From the families that threw their children from windows with the hope that they’d survive with broken bones. To the public that caught the baby, and tried to catch others… I cannot imagine what you’re feeling right now, but know that we’re all sending love and hope your way.

To the community that is rallying around, thank you.

My daughter has taken 200 nappies, baby wipes, blankets, toiletries etc from our home to the drop off point. I know many others all over the country are doing this as well. Thank you too.

To our emergency services – to the firefighters who walked into hell to save people, to the doctors and nurses still saving lives right now – you’re amazing human beings – thank you for your courage and your bravery.

I understand that physical items are no longer required. So it’s time to dig deep and donate money.

Here’s the official Just Giving Page

If you make a donation of at least £10, the Birds on the Blog community will gift you something back, value £250+.

I asked for ebooks when arranging this, but there’s so much more. Thank you to the lovely people – Julia Bernard-Thompson, Tracey-Jane Hughes, Kim Bolsover, Sherry Bevan, Jacqui Malpass, Nova Woodrow, Helen Lindop, Dee Woodward, Karen Williams who gave generously to encourage you to donate.

There are books on style, content, book writing, confidence and more. There are courses on writing non-fiction books and finding ideal clients. There’s even a how to set up your own website course.

How this works. Make a donation to the Grenfell Tower survivors, and you’ll get a receipt. Forward the receipt to my assistant – and she’ll send you the link to download all the products. Give her a chance, to check your receipt is dated today 15th June onwards and after 60 mins, do check your spam folder (just in case) for her email.

Please do not send us money, send it through official Just Giving page here

Why do this?

Government, local authorities etc are all busy playing politics and the blame game.

The Grenfell Towers survivors need money now. They’ve lost their home, their families, their friends…

They need support and space to heal, and who knows when the “official” help will arrive and what that will actually look like. It’s down to us to send what’s needed and they need it now.

It’s down to us to send what’s needed.

If you have an ebook that you’d like to add to this bundle, please email it directly to me and I’ll add it to the bundle.

Spread the word. Let’s help these families.

And if you’re nearby? Kensington and Chelsea council have set up a number for volunteers call 020 7361 3008 – someone will then call you back with how you can help.

Sarah & all the Birds on the Blog

PS to all the politicians making political statements about this tragedy  – go to hell. Your job isn’t to blame but to help. If you don’t know that by now you don’t deserve your office.




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