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Breathe New Life Into Your Business & Yourself

“If a founding entrepreneur is 55 years of age or more, a new business has a 73% better chance of succeeding” (taken from Jack Canfield, ‘The Success Principles’). The rationale behind this is

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What to Include in Your Business Portfolio

A solid business portfolio tells clients what your company is about. As it showcases your abilities, services, products, awards, and references, it also builds credibility and grows your business. Here’s

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68 Footballing Countries Where Women are on Top

You can’t have missed it and have probably witnessed at least some of the biggest shows on earth unfold in front of us over the past month, which culminated in France’s stunning 4 – 2 victory over

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Five Ways to Overcome Shyness Before a Big Meeting

Even the most self-confident among us can experience pre-meeting jitters, especially if it’s a particularly important meeting or there will be lots of eyes on us.  Shyness can not only lead to embarrassing

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Lack of focus and mental clarity holding you back in business? Try this

Are you struggling to concentrate? Procrastinating because your mind goes blank and you’re extremely forgetful? If you’re thinking it’s just something that happens with age, then you

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How clean eating gives you the energy, focus and motivation to grow your business

I’m a firm believer in eating for health and how it can improve your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. Clean eating has been the buzz word for health professionals and self-confessed gurus

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